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Traditional Hong Kong Dessert @ Luk Lam Dessert 綠林甜品, Sham Shui Po

So there you are having a blast eating your way around Hong Kong. The night comes and your sweet tooth is craving for something to munch on. Now before you decide to gorge yourself silly on yet another round of Hui Lau Shan, why not try something more local and traditional? And that something does not involve drenching shaved ice with sugary syrups.

Glutinous rice balls with sugar and crushed peanuts

Luk Lam Dessert at Sham Shui Po has been in business for almost half a century and they serve over 50 types of desserts – mostly Chinese styled ‘tong sui’, tapioca pearls with fruits, cakes and some self-made grass jellies and puddings. The glutinous rice dumplings with sugar and roasted peanuts (爽滑糖不甩) @ $14 are served warm and have a very likeable soft and chewy texture. I guess you could think of this as round-shaped ‘Muar Chee’ – simple, sweet, nutty and delicious.

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Roast Goose @ Yung Kee Restaurant 鏞記酒家, Central Hong Kong

Yung Kee Restaurant located at the heart of Central is one of the top restaurants in Asia according to various restaurant guides. They serve a number of award winning Chinese dishes but Roast Goose is the main reason why they are so popular. Just how popular you ask? Well, the demand for Yung Kee’s roast goose is so high that as many as 300 birds are sold daily and it is even served in first and business class on board Cathay Pacific’s flights. So with that in mind, we thought Yung Kee was worth a visit despite their reputation of being expensive.


Among the many places we ate in Hong Kong, Yung Kee is be the classiest of all. Service is much more friendlier and attentive too, which kind of explains the prices here. And maybe because we already expected the price to be sky high, we were not very shocked when browsing the menu. In fact, we found Yung Kee’s pricing is similar to what Yue Kee is charging. Half a bird (two to four person portion) costs $240 while a quarter (two-person portion) goes for $120.



Looks mouth-watering good, right? It definitely is. Sadly, the reality is that it will be very difficult for us to get a roast goose that could match the flavor, smoky fragrance and texture of Yung Kee’s in Malaysia. No matter which piece you pick from the plate may it be the thigh, drumstick or breast, the meat tastes equally juicy and delicious. And of course the crispy skin with a thin layer of fat underneath was our favorite part.

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Kung Lee Sugarcane Juice & Pudding @ SOHO Central, Hong Kong

When sugarcane is mentioned we usually think of its juice and how great it would be to have an ice cold cuppa to quench that thirst during hot days. But have you heard, seen or even eaten sugarcane pudding in Malaysia? I guess not – which is why we hunted for this unique dessert in our last trip to Hong Kong. Our destination was Kung Lee, a half-decade old shop that has been churning out fresh sugarcane juice, pudding and herbal jelly at Hollywood Road, Central since 1948.


If you ask me, the sugarcane juice here tastes no different compared to those sold by Malaysian hawkers. It has the same grassy flavor, freshly squeezed and contains no additional sugar.

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