Expedia Essential Food Guide to Asia

Expedia’s Interactive Food Guide to Asia

As the world's largest and most populous continent, Asia offers something for everyone - especially if you are a foodie. The first thing we usually do when we arrive at a new destination is...
best theme parks to visit in Malaysia

The Best Theme Parks To Visit in Malaysia & How To Find Them

Theme parks are popular and fun-filled destinations where tourists, local and foreign alike flock to create and relive memories. Fortunately for us, Malaysia has many world class theme parks so we never need to...
KTM Malaysia ETS train KL Sentral to Butterworth

KTM ETS (Electric Train Service) from KL Sentral to Butterworth

Taking the train is my favorite (and safest) form of transportation when traveling between KL and Penang. Of course flying is faster but if you take into the account the total amount of time...
Hua Hin Night Market Lobster Dinner

Things to Eat in Hua Hin Night Market

As a seaside town, Hua Hin offers lots of sunshine, seafood, clean beach and relaxation. The local residents live a less hectic lifestyle and you can't help but feel laid back. Since Hua Hin's...
Lan Pho Fish Market Pattaya

Lan Pho Naklua Fish Market @ Pattaya

If you ask me what was the most memorable thing we did in Pattaya, that has to be our visit to Lan Pho Naklua Fish Market. It is basically a fresh market located north...
Visit Okinawa Japan

Visit Okinawa – The Jewel of Japan

Okinawa, Japan's southernmost prefecture, is a favorite getaway destination for many Japanese, yet it falls under the radar of many foreign visitors to Japan.恩納村の海🐚 #沖縄 #okinawa #海 #ビーチ#okinawaphoto #sea...

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