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How much do you spend on Petrol? 4

How much do you spend on Petrol?

Since early this year I have been recording my petrol usage in a log book. Besides keeping track of my petrol expenses, it also helps me to determine which [tag]petrol[/tag] is the best value...

Penang Bridge Marathon 2007 6

Penang Bridge Marathon 2007

Today I just submitted my registration for the Penang Bridge Marathon 2007 in Queensbay Mall this afternoon. There are 4 categories of run to choose from: Full, Half, Quarter and Fun Marathon. I registered...

Jabil Annual Dinner 2007 3

Jabil Annual Dinner 2007

[tag]Jabil[/tag] 2007 [tag]Annual Dinner[/tag] was held in [tag]Equitorial Hotel[/tag], Bukit Jambul last Saturday. The event can only be held in Equitorial Hotel because of the large number of attendees. And only the ballroom in...