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1-Utama Wong Kok Char Chan Teng


last year I went to KL to celebrate 2007’s New Year celebration. On the countdown day itself, Siang Leng and I had lunch in 1-Utama’s Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Wow how time flies, it’s been so long already and April is only around the corner.

Wong Kok

Their Hong Kong Iced Milk Tea is really nice. Unlike our teh-ais, it is not overly sweet and more fragrant. Bring a birthday boy/girl here and they will serve a gigantic glass of iced milk tea for free. But there’s a condition to it, you must have at least 6 people in a group.

Wong Kok

The variety of food to order from Wong Kok is so wide that it can be intimidating lol. And they are all so nicely portrayed in the menu, making it even harder to make up your mind. I can’t remember exactly the name of this, but it should be Cheese Baked Spagetthi.

Wong Kok

Let’s take a peek at what’s underneath that layer of cheese.. :drool:

Wong Kok

And my order, some sort of pork chop and sausage on a sizzling pan. I made a mistake by asking for red sauce.. It didn’t go really well with the meat. I’ve always reminded myself not to take red sauce but in the end I still went for it, lol.

The food is not great but Wong Kok Char Chan Teng is a nice place to hang out for its Hong Kong style food and environment. It does make you feel like you are dining in Hong Kong in some ways lol. A nice break from our usual mamak and coffee shop.

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