1901 Hot Dog

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWhen I first saw 1901 Hot Dog, I thought it’s a US-based fast food franchise. But it turns out that 1901 is actually a local franchise started back in 1997. The founders are Tengku Rozidar and A. Zakir, who named it 1901 based on hot dog’s history.

The term hot dog was coined in 1901 by a sports cartoonist named Tad Dorgan. He was at the New York Polo Grounds, where he had heard some vendors selling red hot dachshund sausages. This prompted him to draw a cartoon of a real dachshund covered with mustard on a bun. Since he did not know how to spell dachshund he wrote on the caption “get your hot dogs.” The cartoon was a hit and the name persisted.

1901 offers hot dogs like New York Chicken (the best), Texas Ted, Minnesota Twins, Chicago Beef etc. Each hot dog can be differentiated by their unique combination of ingredients. By the way, these are bought in Queensbay ;)

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For New York Chicken, it would be mayonaise and pickles. Tastes good, definitely the best hot dog among all.

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Mustard for Chicago Beef. Not as good as New York Chicken but if you like beef, why not?

I had my first taste of 1901 hot dog in Midvalley Megamall’s cinema complex last year. It’s quite boring to have popcorns every movie session. 1901 is doing very well, having to opened around 30 outlets in Malaysia. Soon, it will be venturing overseas to Saudi Arabia. Quite a feat for Bolehland considering it started just from a hot dog stand in Sunway Pyramid. I feel that 1901 can be more popular and competitive if they could lower their prices. A set meal of a hot dog and a soft drink already costs around RM5-6. That’s also the price for a set meal in McD (with fries).

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