2ND Floor Kitchen & Bar @ TTDI

TTDI 2nd Floor Kitchen & Bar Brunch
TTDI 2nd Floor Kitchen & Bar Brunch

Despite being a relatively new restaurant, 2ND Floor Kitchen & Bar has already established itself as one of the best places to eat in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
Whether you are looking for a lazy brunch, drinks, desserts or an intimate dinner, 2ND Floor fits all the bills. What makes it even sweeter is the fact that they serve Iberico pork too.


2ND Floor has always been open for dinner while brunch was only offered recently – available from Fridays to Sundays 10am onward. Their single-page, straight to the point brunch menu is affordable for a quick and easy ordering experience.
There are approximately 2 dozens of items to choose from which include a variety of baked eggs, toasts, sandwiches and not to mention the classics like big breakfast and salmon benedict. Drinks are sensibly priced, as most coffees, tea and juice are either RM8 or RM10.


If you are looking to try something new and delicious, the Baked Eggs Ginataan (Chicken) @ RM19 gets my vote. Basically it’s a Filipino dish and the term Ginataan refers to anything that’s cooked in coconut milk.
From what we were told, this was created by one of the Filipino kitchen staff who cooks and eats it regularly for breakfast. Apparently, the owners of 2ND Floor thought it was so good that they decided to include it in the menu.
While it might not look much from the outside, the taste is really good and comforting. The coconut milk is slightly sweet to contrast the savory chicken, and there’s a pinch of spiciness to bring another layer of flavor to the dish.


Pure Spanish Iberico Pork is a specialty here so it appears on the menu prominently. You can have it in baked eggs, pork chop, rib and Iberico Sandwich @ RM43 shown above.
The wonderfully marbled Iberico pork collar is used for that juicy bite while mixed fruit salsa and Sriracha mayo further transform it into a flavor-packed sandwich. This was really satisfying, to say the least.


For something that’s not so heavy, one can opt for the Healthy Jar @ RM20. Usually, I am not too fond of muesli, oat or cereals, but this was actually tasty enough for me to find it enjoyable. I like that they keep the ingredients as natural as possible – mostly fruits and coconut crumbs to keep it healthy.


As an alternative to rice, try the Stir Fried Quinoa with Grilled Chicken @ RM17. It is as satiating as rice but quinoa offers more dietary fiber and protein.
The way they cooked it was no less than perfect, as the fried quinoa’s texture was fluffy and not mushy at all.



Dessert lovers should take note of 2ND Floor’s tea time specials where you get to enjoy a 20% off for all desserts, bubblies and wines between 2pm and 5pm every Friday to Sunday.


The Chocolate & Coffee (RM22) will appeal to anyone who loves tiramisu, as the main components are chocolate cremeux and coffee ganache.


But if you prefer lighter and tangier options, there are plenty such as The Red Apple @ RM23 and Mont Blanc @ RM24. These delectable dessert creations are all made in-house by their very own pastry chef.


2ND Floor Kitchen & Bar

46a, Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Brunch hours: 10am – 5pm (Fri – Sun)
Dinner Hours: 6pm – 12am (Closed on Mondays)
Tel: 019-914 8832

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