Mother’s Day Celebration @ Manila Place


Last Saturday we took our mom to Penang to celebrate Mother’s Day. We have been planning this two weeks before that. She told us she would like to have a nice meal of chicken chop. Many places have been suggested, like buffet lunch in E & O or Evergreen Laurel Hotel, or Western food in The Ship or Eden.

We ended up looking for a restaurant randomly through The Star’s Metro centerspread and found one which matched mom’s requirement and our budget :P “Manila Place” is a Western style restaurant located in the ground floor of Gurney Plaza and had a Mother’s Day promotion going on for RM23.90, perfect.

Hearts Restaurant Interior
Doesn’t this look sooo familiar?
Array of cakes displayed.. cheese cakes, banana chocolate, tarts, pies..

Entering this restaurant feels like entering “Secret Recipe” due to its decor, various chocolate and cheese cakes are displayed beside the counter. The Mother’s Day lunch set comprises of:

  • Sharks fin soup with bun and butter
  • Main Course
  • Orange Ice Cream, and
  • Hot/Cold Rose Tea

A normal set lunch would be

  • Mushroom soup with bun and butter
  • Main Course
  • Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry Ice Cream, and
  • Iced Lemon Tea

The entire restaurant is served young and attractive ladies, but clumsy. A plate was heard broken in the kitchen, and our fork was dropped by the waitress.. twice.

BBQ Chicken
This was my main course, BBQ Chicken. Tasted good but I got a bit bored after a few bites.. Mixed Herbs Chicken
My brother’s main course, Mixed Herbs Chicken. This is good stuff, very unique taste. I actually preferred this to my BBQ Chicken.
Beautiful looking salad
Nice decoration does have effect on your meal :)
Fish & Chips

My sister’s main course, Fish & Chips. I hated it. Since suffering from a very severe diarrhoea caused by an unfresh salmon steak, I had a very bad experience in eating any fish cooked in any Western style.. But it was nice according to my sis.

Sharks Fin Soup & Bun

The Sharks Fin Soup is watery unlike those we normally have in wedding dinners. Anyway it was still good, and the bun is very fresh :D The bun reminded me of those served in U-Nite, but let’s not bring back bad memories :)

Iced Lemon Tea

This is most probably just Season’s canned Iced Lemon Tea..

Iced Rose Tea
Rose Tea which came with the Mother’s Day Set Lunch, no taste at all.. no good

Orange Flavored Ice Cream
This is the dessert served in the Mother’s Day Special Set Lunch, the texture is a bit different from normal ice cream. I think it is made by the chefs here themselves. Not very good IMO, the chefs need to work harder :P
Variety of Ice Cream
These are the available ice creams: chocolate, strawberry and orange flavored. The strawberry flavored is the nicest among all, a rare choice from me who loves chocolate :P
My brother and I
My brother and I, we do not really look alike hor.. Many people have said I am his elder brother -_-” Do I really look that old? He is 5 years my senior leh.
Is this a Carnation?
Happy Mother’s Day!

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