6 Underrated Places to Eat in Melaka


We had been visiting Melaka almost every week for the past 2 months. In those trips, we discovered dozens of new eating places that are not touristy, not viral-ed on social media but deserve the attention. I do not have the time to blog about every one of them, so I have picked 6 that you could try in a single day trip. These hidden food gems are Muslim friendly since they are either halal or pork free.

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1. Nasi Beriani Roket

I have eaten plenty of briyani, but none quite like what we had at Nasi Beriani Roket. The reason it has the name rocket is because the custom-made device used to steam the rice is cylindrical shaped. When the cover is lifted, steam is released and it looks like a rocket is launching off the ground.
This might appear gimmicky at first, but they have valid reasons for doing so. By steaming the rice on flat plates, the grains will retain their perfect shape and fluffy texure and they cook faster too. A couple of curry and meat dishes are available which you can add to the briyani for the complete experience.

Address: No 17, 17-1, Jalan KF 2, Kota Fesyen MITC, 75450 Hang Tuah Jaya, Melaka
Business hours: 11.30am – 7pm (closed on Thursdays)
Tel: 013-716 2411

2. Putu Piring Generasi Ke-3

When people think about putu piring in Melaka, the first that usually comes to mind is the stall at Jalan Tengkera because of their fame. Actually, there are plenty of other equally good, if not better options in the town. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, Putu Piring Generasi Ke-3 gets my vote.
Putu Piring Generasi Ke-3 operates in front of Kompleks Niaga Limbongan and they offer 3 flavors of putu piring: original, durian and chocolate chips. Regardless of the flavor, every putu piring is filled with generous amount of Gula Melaka. The chocolate chip flavor is our favorite and it’s a must try. Who would have guessed that chocolate and Gula Melaka are such a good combo.

Address: In front of Kompleks Niaga Limbongan, Jalan Limbongan, Kampung Limbongan, 75250 Melaka
Business hours:
2.30pm – 6.30pm (Tue – Fri)
11.30am – 6.30pm (Sat & Sun), closed on Mondays
Tel: 017-357 2028

3. Monterios Seafood Restaurant

The sheer selection of seafood restaurants in Portuguese Settlement could be quite intimidating especially for first timers. Monterios is one of the few restaurants here that doesn’t employ touts, and that for me is an extra reason to dine there.
Monterios’ dishes are a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese cooking, so you can expect them to be a bit on the spicy side. Their Chilli Crab is a must try and we also loved their stir fried clams, butter scallops and Nestum prawns. Prices are reasonable and more importantly, the seafood is as fresh as it gets in Melaka.

Address: Lot 18C, Medan Portugis, Kampung Portugis, 75050 Melaka
Business hours: 5.30pm – 2am
Tel: 014-232 6769

4. Coconut Shake Original Pantai Klebang

A trip to Melaka wouldn’t be complete without having a cup of coconut shake. If you want to spend more time vacationing than queuing for your drink, head to Coconut Shake Original at Pantai Klebang.
Mind you, this is the Pantai Klebang where you can actually stroll on the sandy beach and see the ocean. Besides the original, they also offer Oreo and Milo flavored coconut shake. Sounds good? You bet.

Address: Dataran 1 Malaysia, Pantai Klebang, 75200 Melaka
Tel: 017-320 1844

5. Kuih Badak Warisan

Not to be confused with Cucur Badak, Kuih Badak is a curry puff shaped snack filled with primarily bean sprout, slices of sweet turnip, chili paste and dried shrimp. From what I researched, this kuih is one of a kind and can only be found in Melaka at Kuih Badak Warisan‘s stall.
As you would expect, they are crispy and savory, best enjoyed with chili sauce. A piece if only 60 cents so they make an inexpensive treat for a quick bite or tea-break.

Address: Gerai No 1, Medan Selera Pantai 1 Tengkera, 75200 Melaka
Business hours: 10am – 6pm, closed on Mondays
Tel: 012-305 5740

6. Ayam Bakar Pasu Seri Daya Corner

Ayam Bakar Pasu is exactly what the name says it is – smoked chicken in flower pots. Two pots are needed to cook a whole chicken. The bottom one contains charcoal while the top one is used as a cover to contain the heat. This process might take longer for the chicken to cook, but it keeps the bird tender and juicy with a smoky taste.
The honey and black pepper marinade used by Seri Daya Corner is kept to a minimum to allow the meat’s natural flavor to come through. Homemade sweet and spciy dipping sauce is provided for those who prefer a stronger taste.

Address: Seri Daya Corner, Taman Seri Daya, 75350 Melaka
Business hours: 3pm – 10pm, closed on Sundays
Tel: 017-638 0575

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