7 Stern Bräu Restaurant & Brewpub @ Vienna, Austria

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Austrian cuisine is known for its rich and hearty dishes influenced by its neighbours like Hungary, Czech and Bavaria. Some of the more popular Austrian dishes that we are familiar with are like Pork Schnitzel and Apple Strudel, which I am pretty sure some of you have tried before.
When we visited Vienna we were lucky to be able to sample a number of authentic Austrian dishes at very reasonable prices (I will explain later) So our overall dining experience at Vienna was a good one, just like how the city and the people are. Even after a year, this pleasant memory still feels fresh for me.


I’ve done my homework prior to coming and knew that Vienna‘s locally brewed beer is also a must try. Based on the hostel staff’s recommendation, we headed to 7 Stern Bräu, a restaurant and bar with an added attraction – a microbrewery of their own. Little did we know we liked the food and ambience so much that we even returned the next day for lunch.


The 7 Stern Specialties @ €12.80 is a melange of pork, turkey and chicken with green and white gnocchi (small soft dumplings) baked with a topping of mushroom sauce and melted cheese. Due to its huge portion this dish is meant to be shared between two people or even more. Taste wise, imagine the cheese baked rice we usually have at Char Chan Teng but substitute the rice with the soft and chewy dumplings. They taste quite similar actually.


Even if you are not a drinker you must not leave Vienna without having a taste of the locally brewed beer. Well, unless you are restricted by other reasons like religion. Since I am not a drinker myself I just took the bar hostess’ recommendation and had a 7 Stern HANF. The 7 Stern HANF is a golden lager with a sweetish, herbal twist. It suits non-drinkers because of the moderate alcohol content and the slightly sweetish body and pleasant taste is easy on the palate.


If prepared traditionally, the Austrian Schnitzel (€9.90) is made of veal. But it is now often made of pork and must be named Wiener Schnitzel by law. The meat was a bit dry, otherwise it would have been good.


On the next day we went back to 7 Stren Brau again for lunch. We were plesantly surprised with the midday specials menu that features many items on discounted price. For example, this 1/2 portion Spareribs is only €5.90 (normal price €10.90)


The spareribs is as delicious as it looks, just finger licking good. Actually at that point of time any meat would have been heavenly for us because we were just too sick with having panini and pasta for every meal.


Goulash (€5.90) is another dish that needs to be experienced in Europe. It is basically a thick stew of meat and vegetables especially onions. In Austria, goulash is usually thicker than the other variants and served with German bread dumplings (the round thing sitting on the stew)
The use of savory and rich spices make this stew tastes ‘heavy’ and the consistency is likened to thick Indian curries but minus the spiciness. I liked the goulash a lot, not much love for the dumpling though.


This creamy and delicious Garlic Cream Soup is only €1.90 if ordered from the midday menu. If converted to our currency it is only RM8, really a good bargain if you ask me. It is, by far, one of the best soups I ever had.


If you watched ‘The Inglorious Basterds’ before then you would agree with me that the strudel eating scene is one of the most memorable in the movie. And thanks to that scene I had this sudden fascination towards strudel and I know it must be eaten with whipped cream lol. I am just glad that I had the chance to taste real Apple Strudels, some more at Vienna where strudels are originated. Simply divine.



The bar is located at the main floor and it is here where you would get a full view of the brewing equipment. I don’t know about you but to me, that is a fine looking microbrewery – so clean and shiny. On the way out, do keep an eye on the beer vending machines, they are quite interesting.


From time to time I am fondly reminded of the wonderful time we spent in Vienna, especially in the museums and at 7 Stren Brau. The people are genuinely warm and friendly and most importantly they speak good English so everything was a breeze and went much better than I expected. Getting here is not a problem too because the nearest tram stop is only minutes of walk away.

7 Stern Bräu,
Siebensterngasse19 – 1070 Wien,
Österreich, Europe.

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