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Ah Choon Chicken Rice @ Taman Mutiara


As a food blogger I have never bloggged about one of the most eaten food in Malaysia, chicken rice. Reason is, I couldn’t find any chicken rice stalls in Penang that stands out from the usual ones I visit regularly. Even those which are claimed to be nice or famous by others aren’t that nice actually. So, I am here to introduce one of the nicest chicken rice stall in Bukit Mertajam 大山脚 – Ah Choon chicken rice. I have been eating here since high school and the quality remained as good.

chicken rice

Ah Choon chicken rice can be found in 838 coffee shop in Taman Mutiara, just behind Sunshine supermarket. A normal plate of chicken drumstick rice is only RM2.80, it’s cheap right?

ah choon chicken rice

By the way, I did a bit of research in Internet on where to get nice chicken rice in Penang. I went to try some and one of them is Goh Thew Chik on the island side. It is recomended by many, and even listed as one of the best by some. I have to disagree with this claim, as I think Ah Choon’s taste much better. Not all the foods in Penang island are better-lah lol.

chicken rice drumstick

The roast chicken is tender and tastes sweetish from the combination of soya sauce and sesame oil. And honestly, I have already run out of words and ideas to describe the tastiness, lol. So, try it for yourself if you’re in Bukit Mertajam ok? I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Anyway if you are reading this, mind to recommend some nice chicken rice? No Fatty Loh or those already popularized ones please.. I think they already have all the publicity they need. Let’s discover some new ones!
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.874 E100 26.725

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