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Ah Keong Roast Duck @ Wangsa Permai, Kepong


Kepong is populated mainly by the Chinese so it has a fair share of roast duck stalls and restaurants. While most of them are pretty good, only a handful are great and worth recommending.
One of them is Ah Keong roast duck stall located at Wangsa Permai along the road leading to Desa Aman Puri. The type of roast duck sold here is 药材咸烧鸭 – loosely translated to ‘herbal salted roast duck’.


Unlike most roast duck stalls that also offer other roast meat such as siu yuk and char siew, Ah Keong concentrates on roasting ducks only. “I prefer to specialize in a particular art and be an expert in it” – I heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.
Anyway, here’s some back info: he has been selling his roast ducks at the current for more than 10 years. Prior to that, his stall was located at Jinjang but was forced to move due to a major road construction.


To ensure freshness, freshly slaughtered ducks are delivered to Ah Keong’s house every day at dawn. After hours of preparation, the ducks would be hung in traditional charcoal oven where they are roasted until the skin becomes crisp and golden brown, but not overly dry.
One good thing about roast duck is that it tastes well either warm or cool. If you prefer to enjoy it warm, simply pop it into a microwave.


The minimum order here is half a duck @ RM23 while a whole duck costs RM45. Only takeaway is available here, as most customers buy it as an extra dish for dinner. However, packets of herbal sauce (extracted from the duck) and their home-made tangy chilli sauce are given as condiments.
Once the packet of herbal sauce is opened you could immediately smell the herbal fragrance filling the room, inviting you to dig in. As for the roast duck, the flesh was moist and juicy with a pleasant salty taste without overpowering the duck’s natural flavour – it was just delicious.


The easiest way to look for Ah Keong’s roast duck is to locate Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu, as his stall is just outside the YTF restaurant. In fact, his stall was here years before the YTF began doing their business here.
If you happen to be having YTF and fancy some roast duck, you could also order it to be enjoyed at the restaurant. They maintain a good relationship with each other so it’s OK.

Ah Keong Roast Duck

Persiaran Cemara, Wangsa Permai, Kepong
Tel: 016-3572045
Business hours: 12pm – 5pm (or until finish) Closed on Mondays

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