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Ah Loong Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant @ Jinjang Utara


Being the biggest ‘New Village’ on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Jinjang has been infamously known for gangsterism in the past and common perception is that it is an unsafe area. This is most likely why the public tend to shun Jinjang and go to Kepong for food instead, even though Jinjang has plenty of cheaper eateries and seafood restaurants waiting to be discovered.


As for me, I too have been shunning Jinjang for the same reason mentioned earlier. But one day we decided to venture into Jinjang after learning there is a good seafood restaurant worth trying called Restoran Loong Grilled Fish Seafood. After seeing for myself, honestly I could say that Jinjang is not THAT bad of a place. It is quite similar to any new village you would come across like Seri Kembangan and Sungai Buloh – poorly planned township, often connected with narrow, crowded and bumpy roads. But still it is not the best place to bring a guest, especially if your purpose is to impress.


Ah Loong is quite well known for their ample supply of large crabs, which was also the main reason for us to come here. We were not disappointed at all. Although the size is still a far cry from the one we had before in Singapore, it is one of the largest we manage to find so far. If you ask me, I prefer to savor crabs in their natural flavor so I tend to have them baked or grilled with minimal seasoning.

I anticipated the baked crab to be dry but it turned out kinda oily due to the cooking method. If you are seated next to the buzzing kitchen you would have noticed that before the crabs are baked, very large dollops of butter are dropped next to them followed by sprinkles of salt as the main seasoning. Anyway it still managed to taste finger licking good largely due to the crab that was fresh and more importantly, meaty. RM45 for the crab alone, weighing around 750g.


Steamed ‘Sar Bak’ clams in Chinese Wine and Garlic @ RM18 – the clams are succulent and juicy alright so there is nothing to complain about.


Since grilled fish is prominently featured on Loong’s signboard we thought it would be good to give it a try. But honestly it was nothing great and I would rate it as below average. Firstly, the fish was not even grilled? More like bathed in boiling oil repeatedly until it gets cooked. Secondly, the ideal texture of a nicely cooked stingray should be moist and flaky, not overcooked to a tough and rubbery state like this. RM12 for two stingray slices.


Lastly, Yin Yong Squid @ RM24 that is made up of Fried Baby Squid and Fried Calamari with Creamy Butter Sauce. Since I have had similar fried baby squids in other restaurants that taste considerably much better, this is only somewhat average to me. The crunchy texture they pack alone could not make up for the lack of flavor and over-dryness.


Luckily, the calamari was there to save this dish. The accompanying sauce was simple but creamy with a delightful flavor that whets your palate.


An overall view of the seafood we had and also to provide you with a better impression of the crab’s size. With that pic in place I am leaving it to you to justify if the price of the crab is worthy. But just to let you know in advance, I have found another restaurant that not only has even larger crabs than this, price is cheaper too. Where, you ask? None other than my usual weekend hang out spot – Kepong. So stay tuned if you are planning on a crab hunting outing soon.

Loong Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant
Lots 12-14, Jalan Kelab Jinjang Utara (aka Jalan Jinjang Aman 2),
52000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 12.743 E101 39.495
Tel: 012-386 2832 / 012-312 2718

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