Ah Peng Wantan Mee @ Jalan Sisi, Muar


Muar is not short of good food but you will need a reliable local to guide you to the best ones. Even though I know a few, I did not have a Muarian with me during my recent trip to Muar so I could only rely on Google for most of the time. From my research, one of the popular places for Muarian to have supper is at Restoran Zero Five (佳佳咖啡店) Since it is just a stone throw’s away from our hotel (Classic Hotel) it would not make any sense not to try it!


Wantan Mee is famous here and the stall only opens at night. If you are here during the day you would find beef noodles instead.


The smallest plate costs only RM3 which is very reasonable priced considering its relatively large portion. Eating in Muar feels like you got your money’s worth because the hawker food usually has generous serving. Here, the smallest portion would equate to between medium and large in KL yet you pay a quarter less.


Like other Wantan Mee you will find down south Malaysia, they usually come with chili sauce. If you are not fond of this style you can always opt for the dark soya sauce version instead. But then that would defeat the purpose of eating Wantan Mee in Muar, wouldn’t it?
Taste wise I find it quite similar to what we had before at Bukit Cina (which is a good thing) and I really liked the addictive chili sauce. One thing though, their self-made noodle need some work because it lacks that springy texture. Given that, I still wolfed down the Wantan Mee within minutes and left satisfied.


Ah Peng Wantan Mee
Restoran Zero Five
Jalan Sisi, 84000 Muar
GPS Coordinates: N02 02.750 E102 33.975
Business hour: 9pm till finish (Closed on Sundays)

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  1. Yea! Would LOVE 2 try this southern version of wantan mee 4 a change!
    Do they serve this type of wantan mee ( with chilly sauce ) in Melaka??
    I plan 2 go 2 Malacca during Hari Raya Haji ( end of Oct 2012 )


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