Ais Kacang @ Lorong Selamat

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A nice bowl of ais kacang during a hot day does wonders :D I was spending the day hunting for my new camera and it was scorching hot. So, we stopped at Lorong Selamat to enjoy some ais kacang and to cool off. And do you know that the famous char koay teow here has moved to their own coffee shop? Their new shop is a corner shop at the end of the road. I think the char koay teow stall’s migration has affected the business a lot.. it used to be difficult to find a seat. Now, seats are freely available.

ice kacang

This is one of the nicer ais kacang in Penang which has still managed to maintain the quality and taste (unlike New World Park‘s) The price did went up a bit though.. Another ais kacang stall I’d recommend would be Penang Road’s.. will blog about that in future.

ais kacang

Anyway this is the first photo I took after I got my EOS 400D, it’s crappy lol. And having a 50mm lens, I’m always trying to play with depth of field and create some nice bokeh shots. Until today I still haven’t mastered the DSLR.. especially under tricky lighting conditions.

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