Ais Kacang Special @ Kafe Sin Se Kai, Swatow Lane

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During this time of the year Penang will be crowded with people craving for a fix of their favorite hawker food. And by ‘this time’ of course I mean Chinese New Year. Today is the fourth day of CNY and the majority of the hawkers are already back to business. Not only tourists from other states want to take this opportunity to visit Penang and eat all day, even a Penangite like me too ah! No choice lah, I work outstation so I am rarely in Penang nowadays.
Anyway, I went around George Town today to start my food hunt and found most of the famous places all crowded to the max. Some really famous ones like the Char Koay Teow at Lorong Selamat and Ah Leng had a minimum waiting time of 1 hour. Wahhhhhh.


For Ais Kacang I know most of the people will choose to eat at New World Park for convenience sake. But finding a seat would be almost impossible, even harder if you’re alone eg. ME! Even if I found a seat, it would be taken by someone else while I queue for my food lol.
I remembered I had a complain about the ABC at New World Park. Although it looked the same, the taste was just not the same anymore. This prompted me to eat at the coffee shop where this famous ABC was originally from – Sin Se Kai just opposite New World Park.


The normal ABC costs RM2.30 but you can opt for an extra scoop of ice cream at RM2.70, which was exactly what I did. The first thing I noticed was the ice cream balls’ portion that obviously shrunk in size and the lesser ‘liao‘ (ingredients) Cost cutting on ingredients is observed here.
That aside I felt the Ais Kacang was pretty OK, at least I could taste the flavor it once had when it was at its best. Or it could be because my taste buds deteriorated ever since going to Singapore so any Penang food tastes good to me. lol just kidding.


While you can choose to eat at a less crowded place.. that does not apply to car parks lol. Everyone parks at the same place regardless of where they eat. To save myself from this problem I chose to park at the private car park next to Sin Se Kai. It costs RM3 per entry! Wahhhhh.. parking in Penang also not cheap already.

Kafe Sin Se Kai (opposite New World Park)
Swatow Lane, Penang
GPS Coordinates: N5 25.268 E100 19.59

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