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Almond Tea @ Kimberley Street



Anyone likes almond tea? Heng jin teh? Heng jin is almond in Hokkien, and people usually eat it with yiu char koay. According to online and newspaper resources, there are 2 stalls in Penang that are famous for this drink. The owners are brothers who sell tong sui in push-stalls. The one I went to was at Kimberly Street.

I love almond cookies so I thought almond tea should be as nice. Turns out that almond tea tastes very awful (for me) because of its very strong medicine smell, like cough mixture. I only managed a few spoonful, then I gave up. For some, it even smells like cockroach lol. Anyway I just tried this out of curiosity because it is said to be a common drink in Penang. Honestly I have never seen anyone selling this drink in Bukit Mertajam.. maybe it’s an island thing.

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