Almond Tea @ Kimberley Street



Anyone likes almond tea? Heng jin teh? Heng jin is almond in Hokkien, and people usually eat it with yiu char koay. According to online and newspaper resources, there are 2 stalls in Penang that are famous for this drink. The owners are brothers who sell tong sui in push-stalls. The one I went to was at Kimberly Street.

I love almond cookies so I thought almond tea should be as nice. Turns out that almond tea tastes very awful (for me) because of its very strong medicine smell, like cough mixture. I only managed a few spoonful, then I gave up. For some, it even smells like cockroach lol. Anyway I just tried this out of curiosity because it is said to be a common drink in Penang. Honestly I have never seen anyone selling this drink in Bukit Mertajam.. maybe it’s an island thing.

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  1. chingy – LOL I eat yau char kuai with Bak Kut Teh!

    e-Leng – Ya, I don’t think the taste suits us o_O

    New Kid on the Blog – Honestly I didn’t know it’d taste like that lol, yeah it was a new experience, Now I can warn others :P

  2. Haha… finally … i thought i was weird when i told my mum it tasted like crockroch when i was little. Guess what I grew up to love it. anything with heng jin !!!!! lov lov lov… I think u should taste the jelly form, its possibly easier on the taste buds.

  3. seems like i am the only one here who loves almond tea! taste nice, trust me..and it is good for health/ beuty! lol ( no one will believe it i guess)

  4. It’s beautiful! Love it!

    My mom made me almond hu since young~ I think the taste is superb! ^_^ This time my mom made me sesame hu… but still, nothing compares to almond hu!!

    Once at Taiwan my friend sipped some Taiwan almond tea, I loved it, he hated it!! (Said it smelled like cockroach~)

  5. i love almond tea……u either hate it or love it….my eldest son loves it….but son no2… and hubby cannot stand the smell…..the ones for making almond tea is the chinese almonds which is different from the ones u make almond biscuits…will blog about it later………

  6. Everyone should try the almond tea because it is really good to health especially for the lung. Some study also prove that it can prevent cancer. Besides the almond tea, the mixture cold dessert (seh guo tong) at kimberly street also famous. Its taste sweet and lots of things inside. Highly recommeded!!!

  7. I like mine with Gingko Nuts and Yeu Char Kwei. My mom disliked it so much & said it smelled like bed bug! To me it’s heaven yet my mom never fails to buy some for me each time she went to the one at Kimberly St… few stalls away from the charcoal char koay teow. The owner is my mother’s old friend… Now, the uncle’s old and used a cane to move about but you will see him there. :-) I think the younger man behind the stall is his son? The owner told my mother and me that he grounded the almonds mixture with rice using traditional granite/stone grinder. Hard work! That’s why it tastes so good. Now, am not sure with modern equipments but the taste and texture of almond tea still the same as I tasted when I was a kid. Even my hubby loves it to bits, would drag me to the stall for couple of bowls and for a foreigner who loves Hin Jin Thng made me appreciated more the uncle’s hard work and recipe..:-)

    vk: I think, if I tried it when I was a kid, maybe I will like it. But, the smell is just too strong for me lol


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