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After a rebranding exercise, the iconic M.S. Garden Hotel in Kuantan is now known as Grand DarulMakmur Hotel. It also underwent a facelift which transformed their resident cafe cum restaurant – Angelo’s to a modern and bright space. It can be found next to the main lobby and their menu features a mix of popular Western, Mediterranean and local selections at pleasing prices.

Angelo's Cafe Kuantan
Angelo's Cafe Kuantan Tall Glass Windows

As soon as we stepped into Angelo’s, we were welcomed by a sense of openness created by its high ceiling. The tall window glasses that surround the restaurant allow plenty of natural light to flush in for a clean, semi-alfresco feel. When you have good company, it’s easy to spend hours in here.

Angelo's Cafe Kuantan Spaghetti Vongole

Among the four dishes we had, the Spaghetti Vongole @ RM30 was our favorite. Although it wasn’t prepared with clams as expected, the fresh, large and succulent mussels were still great substitutes. More importantly, the flavor was spot on with a nice pepper presence.

Angelo's Cafe Kuantan Steak

It’s hard to go wrong with a steak as long as it’s not overdone. Our Grilled Sirloin Steak @ RM65 had a generous thickness and was cooked with precision to a medium perfection. It’s every bit as delicious as it looks and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Angelo's Cafe Kuantan Sirloin Steak

You might find it interesting to know that the accompanying sauce was actually prepared using alcohol-free red wine. It had a fruity sweetness that complemented the steak well. But for those who prefer a stronger tasting sauce, black pepper sauce is still served on the side.

Angelo's Cafe Kuantan Chicken Chop

Angelo’s Chicken Chop @ RM28 certainly impressed us with its portion size. It was incredibly meaty and we liked how light, yet crispy the breading was. Also, the breading did not fall off like most places so every bite was a combination of audibly crispy and succulent meat.

Angelo's Cafe Kuantan Hawaiian Chicken Pizza
Angelo's Cafe Grand DarulMakmur Pizza

Pizza wise there are close to a dozen of flavors available. We picked the Hawaiiana Pizza @ RM35 which was also the chef’s recommendation. The pizza base was a tad thicker than what we anticipated, but forgivable, since it was flavorful as a result of the amount of toppings (especially the cheese) given.

Angelo's Cafe Kuantan MS Garden

Overall, it was a satisfying lunch and we wished we could have stayed longer, if not for the fact that we had to rush to somewhere else later. So if you are visiting Kuantan soon and looking for a nice meal out, put Angelo’s on your list to consider.
Currently, they are also running a weekday set lunch (Malay food) and dinner (Western food) promotion for RM20 nett/person. Ala carte options are available all day because their kitchen also caters to room service in the hotel. For more details, check out their Facebook page.

Grand DarulMakmur Hotel Kuantan


Grand DarulMakmur Hotel Kuantan
Lot 5 & 10, Lorong Gambut, Off Jalan Beserah, 25300 Kuantan
Business hours: 11am – 12am
Tel: 09-511 8888

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