Appu Uncle Curry House @ Section 19, Petaling Jaya

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I am not sure who Uncle Appu is but he has made quite a name for his Fish Head Curry. Besides that, their banana leaf rice is said to be pretty good too. Banana leaf rice with fish head curry, hmm, sounds like a perfect lunch to me.


Unfortunately, my banana leaf rice was served with something extra – hair. I don’t usually make a big fuss out of things like this because I understand it happens. But when I requested for a new serving, the waiter didn’t seem to be too happy about it and showed his displeasure, as if it’s my problem.
Anyhow, the banana leaf rice was just average at best. There are plenty other restaurants where you can get better banana leaf rice in PJ. For example, Acha Curry House.


The fish head curry @ RM32 was better and met my expectations. It tasted fresh and did not feel like it was pre-cooked in a large batch then portioned accordingly.
Compared with the usual Indian-style fish curry that usually have a piquant, sourish note, Appu’s has a balanced flavour. For the price that they’re charging though, I feel they could have been more generous with the fish.


Udang Goreng @ RM7 is one of the recommended dishes here. All I can say is don’t even bother.

Appu Curry House Petaling Jaya


Take away the quirkiness of Appu Uncle Curry House and you’re left with a mediocre banana leaf restaurant that serves above average fish head curry. It’s worth a try if you happen to be in the area but one visit was enough for me, and I have that one worker’s attitude to thank for.


Appu Uncle Curry House
14, Jalan 19/3, Petaling Jayaango
Tel: 03-7932 5558
Business hours: Mon – Sat (7am to 8pm), Sun (7am to 6pm)

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