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Asami – BM Prawn Noodle Specialist @ Bukit Tengah, Penang



The notion that they are the ‘Prawn Noodle Specialist’ was enough for me to try Asami – a newly opened restaurant in Bukit Tengah. What makes it different from the normal hawker style prawn noodle would be the better dining environment and the option to add various additional toppings. But I should note that this concept is not new, as the prawn noodle stall of Old Green House at Burma Road has been doing this for years.


Both dry and soup version of prawn noodles are available here. The dry version seems to be more popular in BM compared to the rest of Penang and you could probably find it at other coffee shops in BM. I won’t say the prawn noodle here is bad because I did finish everything. But the truth is, I expected better from the specialists.
The taste and quality of the soup are run of the mill and if I use Soon Lee as the yardstick, Asami’s prawn noodle really paled in comparison in every aspect. Kudos to the fish balls and braised egg though, both were delicious and helped to make the noodle more enjoyable. As for the mantis prawn, my advice is to just skip it.


I know I am nitpicking, but it is all because they are the specialists!

Asami BM Prawn Noodle Specialist
No 7, Jalan Limau Manis 4
Taman Limau Manis
Bukit Tengah
14000, Bukit Mertajam
Business hours: Mon – Sun (7.30am to 5.30pm)

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  1. I know this Asami Noodle originate from Permatang Tinggi Ah Shan Hokkien Mee. Since year 1991 till now, many hokkien mee lover would give a try n addicted to his extra fragrant soup base. Initially i try this new branch n tasted not that special, maybe just started by rookies, but last week i try again,n i’d give a compliment saying – ” Worth it, and really Special!”


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