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Wow, Asia Cafe in Penang? That’s a surprise for me, I didn’t know there’s one in Penang (actual location – Bukit Bendera, just beside the roundabout in front of KongMin school) until I was on my way back from Kek Lok Si last week. If you don’t know yet, there is a huge food court n SS15, Subang Jaya which is also called Asia Cafe. It is a good place to hang out for its nice environment, and there’s lots of food to order from! Anyway, my guess is that Penang’s Asia Cafe is the copycat version, as the design of the food court looks similar too.

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Fried oyster noodle is a more common dish in Penang island, in fact I only got to know this noodle from my colleague. Oyster noodle is usually more available in restaurants but lucky for me it is sold here too. It costed RM3.50, quite reasonable for me because it tasted quite good.

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Wantan noodle is pretty normal stuff.. a bit too dry actually.

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I ordered an additional bowl of wantan soup which costed RM2.50. The soup was really tasty but the wantan itself was not that great, too saltish IMO. So this food court is definitely not comparable with the one in SS15 lah. Environment and food wise, all lose by a mile.. All selling Penang hawker food only, not special at all. Asia Cafe in SS15 really lives up to its name because you can find food from Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong. Many choices for Portugese grilled seafood too! Arrgh I feel like going there now!

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  1. For one split second, your titled had me fooled. I thought the Asia cafe was actually up in bukit bendera!!! That would really be something.

  2. ipohwav3 – Sounds only ar lol. It tastes good lah.

    liling – Wow if it was really up in Bukit Bendera then we all have to take the funicular just for a meal lol.

  3. omg..the food looks sooo good. I’m married to a penangite & he hasn’t brought me up to bukit bendera/ Asia cafe. hmmm…since i know,ill have to force him to bring me there for a good dinner.. do you have any idea on their opening hours?

    vk: I have always visited Asia Cafe at nights.. so I am sure they are open from 7pm onwards.. till 11pm something. I don’t know if they open for lunch though. Try the Hainan Lou Western Food, not bad! Too bad the oyster noodle stall has closed.. sigh

  4. i’m from penang hill, i always go there having my dinner.
    actually you can try the tomyam and fish head mee hun at asia cafe.(now already change name to Gee Xiang)
    the tomyam here is very nice and the fish head mee hun was really tasty.
    the tauke’s wife is from siam, so the tomyam is really local tomyam. if got chance come again , really need go to try it….

  5. its no more asia cafe.Its something cafe..i cant exactly remember the name. they’ve changed the name but the location is the same.Right beside the roundabout. I went in rounds looking for “Asia Cafe” . I ordered lamb chop with mushroom sauce.I would say it tasted good compared to many restaurants ive tested at Penang. Personally i would say the best lambchop ive eaten so far is at this restaurant near Kg Pandan roundabout in KL named The Rendevouz .Its right after you exit into Kg Pandan as you drive it will be on your left. Not only their lambchop, most of their food taste very good..


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