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Authentic Kuching Kolo Mee @ Bintang Food Court, Taman Kinrara Puchong


My visit to Kuching about three years ago opened my eyes (and mouth) to some really nice hawker food like Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa, Sio Bee and Teh C Peng Special. Among all I missed Kolo Mee and Teh C Peng Special the most.
It’s difficult to find someone who prepares Kolo Mee like how they do it in Kuching, mainly because most of the recipes have been tweaked to suit the locals’ taste buds. If you frequent hawker centers in KL you will find many stalls claiming to sell Sarawak Noodle or Sarawak Handmade Noodle, only to be prepared by foreign workers. Although some of them are actually quite good, it’s nothing like the real Kuching Kolo Mee.


Then I read about a stall in Puchong that sells Kolo Mee which tastes like those in Kuching at headsteadi’s blog. I have always wanted to give it a try but somehow I’d just totally forgotten about it, until last weekend. Based on headsteadi’s clear direction and armed with a GPS, it was extremely easy for me to find the food court where the Kolo Mee stall is at.


This is the first time I saw a ‘Sarawak Kolo Mee’ stall in Klang Valley.. the rest just go by the name ‘Sarawak Noodle’.


A normal plate costs only RM3.80 and the portion is satisfactory too. Well I am not a Kuchingite so I won’t be passing judgment on the Kolo Mee’s authenticity. I just know it’s delicious, and surely beat the hell outta many Sarawak Noodle/Kolo Mee I tasted before. Not even Rajah Brooke Cafe’s (claims to sell authentic Sarawakian food and even appeared in 8TV’s Hochak @ Kuchai Lama) Kolo Mee can come close to its awesomeness.


The springy egg noodle, lightly coated with char siew sauce that gives it a hint of sweetness and topped with minced pork and char siew slices.. simply appetizing and gets better with subsequent mouthfuls. I love everything about Kolo Mee except for the fried shallots. It is something I have hated since a small kid lol.


Too bad they didn’t have Teh C Peng Special.. or it would have been a complete Sarawakian meal


The uncle manning the stall is soft spoken and polite. He is from Sarawak and the noodles he used to prepare the Kolo Mee is also sourced from Sarawak. Only the garnishing and sauces are sourced locally, which do not make a huge difference to the taste.


According to some other Kuching bloggers this is the most authentic and best tasting Kolo Mee in Klang Valley. Kudos to them for testing the various Sarawakian eateries around. As for me I won’t be claiming it as the best in Klang Valley yet – not until I have tried and tested the others.
So, my next Kolo Mee destination will be Restoran Gembira @ Taman Megah. For the direction to Bintang Food Court, do refer headsteadi’s blog as he did a good job explaining it.

Kolo Mee Stall @ Bintang Food Court (one row behind Taman Kinrara’s Bintang Supermarket)
GPS Coordinate: N03 03.751 E101 38.778

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