Awesome American Cheeseburger @ The Pink Sage, Solaris Dutamas


** This restaurant has ceased operations. **

Let me share with you my favorite restaurant for traditional Americen CheeseburgerThe Pink Sage Diner & Pantry at Solaris Dutamas, KL. Compared with the most commonly available cheeseburgers may it be at McDonalds or Chili’s, The Pink Sage’s cheeseburger is just a few classes above, no fight lah.


I highly recommend the Cheeseburger Deluxe @ RM22, just a few bucks more expensive than the normal version but comes with a patty almost double the weight (300g) All cheeseburgers at The Pink Sage comes with a coleslaw (now infused with wasabi, so it’s either you love it or hate it) and fries.


Just look at that baby, seriously mouth watering with all the melted cheese and fresh, crunchy lettuce and tomato. And check out the patty’s thickness too, even thicker than the bun.. oh my. Also, most cheeseburgers I had tasted pretty dry so they needed mayo, chili sauce or ketchup but this one here is already juicy and overflowing with flavor.


The Fried Chicken @ RM23.50 is a new main that was added to The Pink Sage’s menu after they shifted from their old Dang Wangi outlet. Just like the other food, it is prepared faithfully according to traditional American style but with a slight Mexican influence. A plate always comes with a drumstick, thigh and breast meat unless you specify otherwise during order.
I know what you are thinking now, how does it compare to KFC right? Well all I can say is it tasted nothing like KFC, Popeyes or any fried chicken you could find nearby. Not necessarily better since taste is personal but for me it is one helluva fried chicken.
As simple as fried chicken could be (coat with flour then deep-fry only right?) the chef has his own secret recipe from the flour batter, marination up until the deep-frying. One secret I could reveal (which is an open one anyway) is that the oil must be really hot when deep-fring the chicken to get an extremely crunchy skin, the most enjoyable part in fried chicken.


The Pink Sage at Solaris Dutamas has a much larger space but still retaining the cheerful and relaxed ambiance. Service is friendly and efficient and I really enjoyed lounging at the large, comfy sofa by the dessert counter.
That being said I am extremely envious of the people working nearby because the cheeseburger with unlimited soft drink refills is only RM13++ during lunch hours! Now why are the best things always so far away for me.. sigh.

The Pink Sage Diner & Pantry (WWW) *Pork free
A4-UG-01 Solaris Dutamas
1 Jln Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 10.235 E101 39.987
Phone: +6016 205 2023

Business hours:
Mon – Friday 10am to 10pm
Sat & Sun 8am to 10pm

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  1. Very nice place, was there a couple of months back to celebrate a friend’s birthday! I think it will boom when more and more tenant move in to Solaris Dutamas…


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