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Awesome Roast Duck Rice @ Kedai Makanan Wing Heong, Seri Kembangan


If you are visiting Seri Kembangan for the first time and I happen to be bringing you around for food, there are three places we have to go: Hoi Tong eat all you can BBQ and Steamboat restaurant, Yap Beng Dry Bak Kut Teh and Wing Heong Barbecue (siu lap) restaurant.


Wing Heong remains my favorite place to have roast duck rice. For me, their roast duck is fabulous and reasonably priced too. A lunch here costs in the range of RM3 to RM10 per person, depending on the amount of meat and the cut ordered.


Roast duck, the must try item here. Gotta love the flavor and juiciness present in the roast duck. Feel free to ask for more gravy or self service for it if they are busy. Wing Heong’s busiest time is none other than lunch time, which is from 11am to 2pm (closed on Tuesday). Sometimes they are still open at 5pm, provided there is still any meat left.


Roast chicken, Char Siew and roast pork, much better tasting than those sold in your average chicken rice stall. I won’t claim their char siew the best since I have tasted better ones at Uncle Bill’s, but still pretty good stuff.


You have a choice of normal white rice or oily rice, I always go for the latter.


For the char siew, do try it with extra char siew sauce in Wing Heong, which I feel is better than Uncle Bill’s.


Their roast pork has a nice distribution of fat and meat (about 30% fat and 70% meat) with a crispy and crunchy skin.


Some side orders here are assam fish, double boiled soup and chicken herbal soup in coconut (椰子鸡) Pretty normal stuff if you ask me, but the soup tasted pure without any MSG.
One drink I would always order here is the ‘kam kat’ (sour plum in lime), or known as 932 in Penang, one of my favorite cooling drinks in a hot afternoon. That refreshing beverage itself is another another reason why I like to eat at Wing Heong, because this drink is freaking hard to find in KL.


I am really amazed at the number of ducks they can sell in just one day. Shown here is only one-third of their roast ducks, the rest were hung at another counter.


Despite the great taste and cheap price, I don’t always eat here because of two reasons: traffic jam and lack of parking. Those who are staying in Seri Kembangan or at least seen the town once should know what I mean lol.
Besides, it takes quite some time to reach here from my office in Cyberjaya too. For those working in Cyberjaya and always have their lunch in Dengkil, you gotta give Wing Heong a try if you haven’t. You do not know what you are missing out on, seriously.

How to get here: From Jusco Equine Park, head to the Serdang town via the one and only road. You will need to go pass three traffic lights in order to reach the town. First traffic light is the one in front of KFC Equine Park (drive through next to Petronas), 2nd one is the one in front of Taman U, 3rd one in front of the commercial area where Sister Lam Yong Tau Fu is located, with a big hotel signboard on it.
Proceed straight and you will go pass a Petronas on your right. Further down the road you will see Public Bank on your left, and this means you gotta start looking for parking already. Wing Heong is only a few shops away from Public Bank, on the same row.
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