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Axian Dim Sum @ Bandar Puteri Puchong


*** NOTICE: Issues like drop in food quality, cold dim sum and arrogant service reported by many. This review might not be accurate anymore ***

Axian, with a couple of partners have opened a dim sum restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong. If you don’t know who the guy is, he is the popular host Jason Yeoh, the host of Taste With Jason 阿贤人情味, a show promoting Malaysian food. You probably seen him before on Astro AEC, or on advertisements of products (mostly health) he is a spokesperson of.
Since I stay so near to Bandar Puteri Puchong and it has been a while since I last had my meal there, I decided to give his dim sum a try last weekend. FYI this was my second visit.


Actually I knew about Axian Dim Sum restaurant from my friend, who read about it on Axian’s very own food blog. I have tried many of the fried stuff on my first visit so I only had steamed items mostly this time around. If you are wondering, the egg tarts and fried siau pao were good stuff.


The steamed dim sum at Axian’s Dim Sum is generally good but comes with a more expensive price @ RM4.50 each. It is the most expensive dim sum restaurant around in Puchong for its category, about RM1 to Rm1.50 more expensive than the counterparts.
To be honest I didn’t mind the price as long as it tasted good. Besides, the ingredients used were really fresh especially the prawns. So fresh and juicy you can taste it. It is said that Sakura Pork (antibiotic and growth hormone free) was used to produce the dim sum at Axian, which resulted in a healthier and better tasting meat.
This is the highly recommended Har Mai (招牌蒸虾卖) You gotta love those whole succulent and sweet tasting prawns. The orangish appearance is natural and I swear no photoshop was used to enhance the colors yeah.


Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (上海小笼包) @ RM6 for three. The dumplings had a very strong taste (porky?), which I didn’t know was a good thing or not. For those who really like the taste of Xiao Long Bao you might love this, but for me it’s just a tad too strong. One alone was already enough for me.


Crispy Salad Roll (沙律脆皮卷) It was really crispy alright, with a whole prawn wrapped in the Vietnamese rice paper roll. Served with mayonnaise sauce said to be specially made by the chefs. But honestly, I thought it was actually just like any other mayonnaise lol.


Axian’s Siu Mai (蟹皇蒸烧卖) – this is another recommended item, I think it is one of the better siu mai in Puchong.


Another prawn salad, I preferred the crispy version’s more.


Axian’s Har Gao (水晶虾饺王) had a different shape from the conventional one. Despite the generous prawn filling, it didn’t taste like a very traditional Har Gao. If you treat it like eating another type of dim sum, you might like it more.


Overall Axian Dim Sum is pretty good, and they better be for the price they are charging. If you wish to see Jason in person, drop by during weekends after 8 or 9am, that’s when he will be around preparing drinks, entertaining customers and taking photos with them. I took a photo of him as well lol. A nice and friendly person, very accommodating.
Due to Jason’s popularity, many flock to the restaurant for the dim sum. And because the staff is young and inexperienced too, do expect some mix up and delays in your order. Both times I went there were questions of “where is my dim sum? where is my Xiao Long Bao? Where?!” being thrown around.
If you wish to avoid this, come early before 8am and you will have better service and less frustration. Instead of you asking them for dim sum, they will be the one asking YOU if you want any.


Location map and address, as retrieved from Jason’s blog

Axian Dim Sum
25-G, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: 03-8063 6866
Business Hours : 0700 – 1500 (Daily)
GPS Coordinates: N 03° 01.338’ E101°36.989’

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  1. Wow, the crowd is huge…must be a Sunday right? But I think Puchong is a bit too far for me for dimsum. Have you tried the ones in Connaught before?

    • Both times I went on a Saturday, very crowded lol. If you come after 9 you gotta wait for a seat.

      I haven’t tried any dim sum in Connaught, feel free to suggest!

  2. axian open dim sum! This is so interesting! I went to KL last week, if you’ve posted this earlier I’ll visit this place. :) Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  3. I wonder the price is due to the fresh ingredient or because of Axian? Hehe
    Anyway, would love to try it.
    Btw, you know any above average dim sum which is cheap around SK, Cyber, Puchong?

  4. weih!~ he got a shop~ its a bit far from my place and to get up that early b4 8am to avoid the crowd…maybe ill find one day when i get to sleep early or didnt sleep at all, will directly hit this place~:)

    • Yeah, the partners are likely to be counting on his fame to bring in the customers. And thanks to his popularity the prices of the dim sum would seem ‘justified’

  5. Having followed a number of Dim Sum eateries they have limited shelf life. The customers are fickle and mobile. Since moving I have yet to try this one. Hope this add variety and keep everyone on their toes.

  6. Hello vkeong,

    Have you try The Little Dim Sum Place at SS2, PJ? By the way, i have sent you a PM through LYN… Hoping you will reply.

    M@Y at LYN

  7. food standard drop alot,. siew mai very heavy pork taste..
    service from day 1 open till now sucks…expensif!
    cashier is actsy…
    cold dim sum u also can try there..hahaha

  8. Yes i heard few cases where if the waiter makes a mistake, YOU pay for it.

    So when order arrives, make VERY SURE they tick the order sheet correctly.

    Gosh at the end of the day, YOU manage THEIR staff! except for the cashier who will scold you if you even make eye contact with them.

  9. the food is ok. But service sucks and slow. Order the siew loong pau at 1.30pm waited till 2.30pm also no siew loong pau, until i need to shout and scold them only bring my siew loong pau. The chee cheong fun and car siew pau also same waited 30 minutes for it.

  10. axian is sian la… now the waiters all like gangsters wif color hair…
    the used plates/cups/spoon/utensils… all they throw on the roadside floor in front of shop side…..
    imagine the plate i using that time also on the road floor before ..yuk..

    got ppl asking is it ASTRO open this shop one ar..hahaha so conflict

  11. now is Axian dim sum, axian health juice, then will be axian moon cake, axian cili sauce ..etc
    business tactics sigh…smart customers will know the dimsum are normal..

  12. axian dim sum?? huh… i went on 5/12/09 means on saturday… like a sucks service… no good.. and the plate i saw, really like beggar plate… give beggar use la…. not for us… dun knw wat kinda of axian… worst than a animal… animal also will listen with it…. regrets to go their… and the siu loong pau, i talk to a specticle guy, he say okok.. very fast… 5 min i give u, but the end, after 25min also didnt come…. wtf… gosh…. i wont go there anymore…. but i think i get a good service from one of ur shop… he is a good server, i like him much

  13. There is another dim sum shop which serve dim sum almost like axian, the Foo Hing. I prefer that one more because got serve coffee, milo, etc, but the axian’s only serve chinese tea. The loh mai kai and siew mai there is better compared to axian. I always been there during weekdays and service not bad. But don’t know how about weekend. You can try this.

  14. Yeah, i also agreed it… Foo Hing dim sum is the best among them.. ah xian quality always cannot maintain very well.. don think will go visit them anymore…

  15. was there last tues. the whole experience sucks..conditions of the toilets bad, service lousy n the dim sum was a total let down!! the ‘loh-mai-kai’ was not only bad but rotten!!first time there an obviously the last/

  16. all of the workers were not well trained! They need ppl to tell them to clean up and wipe the mess. Its like they dont expect another customer to come. I order one drink they heard i order two and charge me two. But did not amend the bill. The cashier did not return my change correct until i voice out!! What kind of business is this AH XIAN!!

    • Yeah.. I noticed a lot of complaints about this dim sum restaurant.. seems like it’s getting worse and worse since my last visit about 6-7 months ago. That’s why I have displayed a huge warning sign just below the title.. be warned about the crappy services and sub-par food

  17. where is this Foo Hing Dim Sum? I stay in Puchong too. And well… I’ve tried the one in Puchong Jaya..Yuen Dim Sum… Ok lar… at least better than the one in Kam dunno what dy… Anyway.. about Axian Dim Sum, my mom went there and the feed back was not good. That’s why I did not go and try. Won’t want to waste my time and the space in my stomach for that… LOL :p Vkeong.. thanks for a nice and honest blog. I love travelling too. But I go for outdoor activities. Waterfalls!!! hehehe… If you like photography, check out Waterfall Survivors… u can see their blog at http://waterfallsurvivors.blogspot.com and they go for food hunting everytime after waterfalls expedition…

  18. ban ah xian dim sum. it is not a environmental-friendly restaurant. they use plastic wrapped utensils sets for each customer. poor quality of dim sum and bad customer service.

    • Yeah.. yeah… BAN AH XIAN DIM SUM! You are damn right. I went there like few weeks back.. AND I GOT A SHOCK… I know it’s hygiene… but there’s so many many other ways to be hygiene. No need to use so much of plastic mah… :(

  19. Give a try at this shop. I wont put any comment. Give a try and you decide on the food and service:
    Old Friend Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant
    Add: No. 65-G, Jalan Puteri 5/7, Bandar Puteri (opposite the Puteri Mart market).

  20. I do not want to make any comment but please give a try on this dim sum restaurant called Old Friend Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant
    No. 65-G, Jalan Puteri 5/7, Bandar Puteri which is at the opposite site of Puteri Mart

  21. I finally went and try the AXIAN Dim Sum… Oh…. SUCKS… and the first thing I saw was something that is really really not environmental friendly. :( All the plates cups, chopsticks wrapped in plastic shrink wrap!!! SO MUCH OF PLASTIC USED!!!! NO GOOD… NO GOOD!!!

  22. The worst dim sum shop. Not the food but the service. Don’t even bother to serve you dim sum even after you inform the staff. Not environment friendly. Plates, cups and chopstick wrap in plastic and then disposed???? Wonder how????

  23. Very disappointing with the service….not interested in doing business. Don’t bother to serve you dim sum even after informing the staff after around twenty mins. Not environment friendly too… serving plates, cups and chopstick wrap in plastic????? Walk off after drinking the chinese tea did not eat any food cos they were not interested to serve. By the way it was not a Sunday or Public holiday and the was not a large crowd. Walk to a nearby dim sum shop for my morning breakfast after this.

  24. In fact, the Dim Sum taste normal only. And the service is worse then the Dim Sum. The staff attitute there are very bad. Some more plates, cups and chopstick wrap in plastic and then disposed. Oh My God !! Can not be like that maaa……wasted !! No ‘Wan Po’ at all…..!!

  25. today, i go to Axian USJ about 3:30pm. i get one very polite and good server, his name is Leong. I think he is a cashier. When he took order, he will greet, and ask how am i. is a very good service of him, he very good experience and know all dim sum to recommend. Nice Staff, when i want to go, he will ask, how is the food and taste. he done his job and responsibility. Good staff.

  26. must be joking , axian dimsum employ normal chef only la…just like any normal typical dimsum shop in KLang Valley… just the name Axian is macam superstar status nia..
    dun get mislead

  27. axian dim sum is no more lia…change to LukYu Dim sum with puchong n subang branch. subang branch also closed down less than 1 year..the food is not tasty anymore and services bad maximum…now left puchong Luk Yu also i think will waiting to chap lap if no improvement…


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