Baan Kanom Jeen Thai Restaurant @ Empire Damansara

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Khanom chin, or khanom jeen is a type of thin rice noodle that resembles a thicker version of rice vermicelli. The texture is somewhat different though, as it tastes smoother and bouncier, kind of similar to laksa noodle.
Because of that, khanom jeen is simply referred to as Thai Laksa in some northern states of Malaysia such as Penang and Kelantan. Among the many Thai restaurants in Klang Valley, Baan Kanom Jeen is probably the only one that specializes in khanom chin.


At Baan Kanom Jeen, khanom chin is available in single portion @ RM12.90 or in a set for sharing @ RM45.90. The latter, Kanom Jeen Large Set comes 1 basket of khanom chin, boiled eggs, crispy toppings and 4 different gravies: green curry, Namphrik, Red Namya and Chicken Yellow Namya.


By default, the gravies and condiments are served separately so you can customize the noodle’s toppings to your liking. The best way to enjoy is of course adding a bit of everything for the fullest flavor, and two ingredients that stood out were the anchovies and deep fried chicken skin.
As for the gravies, all of them paired well with the noodle but our favorites were the Red Namya and green curry. Both had bold flavors with just the right amount of spiciess to contrast the savoriness of the toppings.


Besides Khanom chin, a range of other ala carte dishes are also available here. Khao Soi (RM15.90), a popular noodle in northern Thailand which is particularly popular in Chiang Mai is one is one of their latest menu additions.
Although the broth’s recipe has been adapted (from sweet to salty) to suit the locals’ taste, that is not particularly a bad thing because to be honest, sweet curry is not my cup of tea.


The Thai Chicken Rice @ RM13.90 is another newly launched item that got our thumbs up. The chicken was tender, rice was fragrant while the chili sauce was added with fermented soy bean sauce for authenticity.


For a different kind of fried rice, try the Green Curry Fried Rice @ RM16.90. It’s sufficiently spicy and you can taste the aroma of green curry in every bite. The portion of the accompanying fried fish was larger than expected which makes the dish even more satisfying.


The Thai Grilled Beef @ RM19.90 tasted alright on its own, but turned pretty good when dipped into the excellent Jaew sauce. So don’t ignore the dipping sauce because it can make a world of difference.


As long as you like your fried chicken crispy and crunchy, there’s really no reason not to like the Thai Fried Chicken @ RM10.90. It had been marinated in fish sauce and whole other spices then coated with rice flour for the crispiest skin ever. You can also opt to have this with sticky rice for an extra RM2 for a more filling meal.


Drinks wise we stuck to our usual choice: Thai Iced Tea. Baan Kanom Jeen prepares them slightly different though, by mixing them with coffee and green tea into their signature Thai Iced Dirty Tea and Thai Iced Muddy Tea. Both are priced at RM9 for a large cup. The flavor and sweetness persisted even after the ice melted away.



Baan Kanom Jeen

Lot 107, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana
Tel: 03-7611 4557
Business hours: 11.30am – 9.30pm (closed on Mondays)

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