Bagel ‘n’ Coffee Station @ Hartamas Shopping Complex

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Bagel had always been something similar to donut to me mainly because of their very similar appearance. You know, the ring shape. In fact, some people consider bagel as a harder version of donut. But little do they (me included) know that bagel and doughnut are actually very different, right from the ingredients to cooking method.
Bagel ‘n’ Coffee Station at Hartamas shopping complex is one of the very few cafes in KL that serves healthy, fresh daily-made bagels. I am quite surprised that I am actually the first person to blog about this cafe!


Bagel ‘n’ Coffee Station offers a vast variety of bagels (no less than 50) so you are really spoilt for choices here. One of them being Roast Beef Bagel @ RM14.60 from the Deluxe Bagels section. The bagel is first sliced through the middle, then thin slices of roast beef and fresh salad (cucumber, green pepper, tomato) are placed in between. This is followed by a light spray of olive oil vinaigrette on top. Lastly, with the top slice of the bagel in place, it is cut into half and served with salad.

I have to admit it had a rather weak visual appeal so I honestly didn’t expect much. But when it came down to the taste, it was great! And for those who have never tried bagels before, let me tell you that they actually have a crispy exterior and chewy interior, as opposed to the donut’s soft texture. So you gotta really work your mouth, which isn’t entirely a bad thing because you will get to enjoy the food nice and slow.. well, unless you have a toothache, then it’s a different story, lol.


Also from the Deluxe Bagel section was the Classic New York Lox Bagel @ RM14.60, which is basically salmon bagel. What separates this from the roast beef bagel is that it uses cream cheese and had more stuffing like capers and white horseradish.
Just when I thought roast beef bagel was good enough, I was totally blown away by the awesomeness of the lox bagel. The flavors of the bagel, refreshing cream cheese and layers of fresh sweet salmon combined was truly heavenly. A definite recommendation from me if you ever get the chance to dine here. Thinking about it alone is enough to make my stomach rumble now.. omg.


Chicken Bagel was nice as well, good for those who do not eat salmon or beef. If you are a vegetarian you need to worry as well. Because there are a few vegetarian bagels to choose from like Italian and Parmesan bagel, which are stuffed with tomato, pesto and cheese.
By the way, this is how the bagels really looked like when they were served – in a ring shape. In the previous photos, I purposely separated them just to show the stuffing better.


Next up was the second best dish we had that night, Garlic Bratwurst Combo @ RM14.60 which came with butter (to spread on the plain bagel) and vegetables, chicken garlic sausage with mushroom sauce and french fries.


Value-wise this German sausage combo has got to be one of the best in the menu. Why? Simply because the sausage is made by a real German company in Malaysia, which usually supplies only to hotels and you get to savor it right here.
Besides, the sausage is made with authentic German recipes, something quite impossible for other restaurants to achieve unless they have a German cook. Another thing about bagel is that it’s a very filling bread due to its compact texture. So even if you are a big eater you would find this combo filling enough.


Some drinks we had, Latte and iced lemon tea. The Latte deserves a special mention for its nice aroma and perfect smoothness.


Bagel Station Shake @ RM12.20 was a disappointment though.. Although it was said to be a concoction of cold milk, banana and cookies.. we couldn’t taste anything but milk.


A novelty coffee by Bagel ‘n’ Coffee Station is the Cold Barraquito @ RM5.80 – mixture of condensed milk at the bottom, with iced Espresso in the middle topped with creamy milk foam. Taste wise, it’s very similar to our ‘kopi ais’ but higher quality of coffee is used instead.


I also had a shot of Espresso, which was not bad as well. It was rich and didn’t taste bitter.. a clear indication that it was prepared with care. If you are wondering, no I didn’t have any troubles sleeping that night lol.


If you like the coffee, they are available for sale.


The dining area, with soft drinks being sold at the side, where a particular soft drink caught my eye.


Coffee coke – Coca Cola Blak! I haven’t seen this before anywhere in Malaysia.. I would buy one just to try if they weren’t so expensive lol. But if you are an avid Coca Cola bottle collector then you gotta come here and get one!


The sandwich counter where you can see how the bagels are prepared. Some cakes and imported chocolates are available too.


Overall, my meal at Bagel ‘n’ Coffee Station was nice and the salmon bagel left me with a good memory. It’s a better alternative if compared to those very sweet donuts by Big Apple or J.Co.

Bagel ‘n’ Coffee Station
Lot P-7B, Plaza Floor
Hartamas Shopping Centre
No 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-62011073

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