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Banana Leaf Rice @ Restoran Kanna Curry House, PJ Sec 17


Kanna Curry House at PJ Section 17 is one of the famous Indian restaurants to go for Banana Leaf Rice. I was introduced to Kanna by a close friend of mine who rates it as one of his favorite places to go for Banana Leaf Rice. And I trusted him because we share a similar opinion when it comes to food.


The restaurant is huge, occupying two shop lots and you can also opt to sit at the outdoor area that is nicely shaded with mature trees. Trays of marinated seafood is the first thing that greet customers who enter Kanna Curry House.


The marinated seafood is freshly prepared upon order by deep frying them. The fragrance emitted when the seafood was deep fried was really alluring and we couldn’t resist ordering a portion of squid.


Most of the people dining at Kanna Curry House would have their famous Banana Leaf Rice. I think I saw all of the customers had it on the day we were there. Once you confirm with the waiters that you are having Banana Leaf Rice, you will be given a large sheet of banana leaf with three types of vegetables and papadum.
Those are the basics and eaten just like that traditionally because Banana Leaf Rice is actually a Indian vegetarian meal. But you can always opt for other extra dishes like fried chicken, fish or curries that would be charged accordingly. Anyway, I bet most of you know enough about Banana Leaf Rice so I am not going to elaborate more.


Like usual, three types of gravies are available for you to top up as much as you like. Typically the gravies are fish curry, chicken curry and dhal.


Each of us had an extra fried chicken thigh and we shared a portion of mutton curry. I felt the fried chicken thigh was absolutely delicious for its succulent meat, which had a rich flavor of the spices. Very recommended for first timers or for those who are not that fond of curries. The same couldn’t be said for the mutton curry though, it was nothing to shout about.


Then our sotong goreng came. The portion surely looked huge but it was not all squids you see on the plate. It contained a lot of of sweet onions too. Their shapes were so similar you wouldn’t be able to differentiate them until the bite. Overall it was OK, we were not really taken by it.


The bill came to a total of RM50-60 for three person, not cheap but reasonable considering the amount of food we had. There were some other things that we had but I didn’t show like the deep fried dried chili, which by the way was nice. You gotta give it a try while you are here.
As for the food, I reckon Kanna Curry House’s Banana Leaf Rice is not bad if taken with the delicious fried chicken. But when it comes to curry I feel there are much better ones in Penang.

Restoran Kanna Curry House
No 29, Jalan 17/45,
46400 Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.180 E101 37.791
Tel: 03 7958 4814
Business hours: 7am to 10pm daily

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  1. Yeah, banana leaf rice is normally not cheap if ordering those side dishes like chicken, mutton or squid. It’s only cheap if we are pure vegetarian, unfortunately I’m not so have to pay higher price lor for being an omnivour. Haha.

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    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for your kind words but I have decided not to do any food session anymore to preserve my honesty in writing. I am sure you could find other food bloggers to help you out :)

      Good luck!

  3. Vkeong, i think u should organize a trip to east coast of Malaysia, especially Kelantan. U’ll never forget the taste and u can’t even find such taste in KL or anywhere else.


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