Banquet – Most Overrated Restaurant @ Bangsar Village 2?

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If you ask me if there’s any overrated restaurant at Bangsar, I will tell you it’s Banquet without even have to think. I understand that Banquet is one of the most popular restaurant at Bangsar Village 2, thanks to the many visits from different bloggers who have given it good reviews especially on their Lamb Shank and Oven Baked Butter Fish. Do a Google search and be amazed by the number of blog links on Banquet.
Unfortunately it is now in my list of banned restaurant to visit because the food is below average and the expensive price is totally unjustified. With so many good reviews and being a sister restaurant of the extremely popular upscale restaurant CafeCafe, it sure holds a very high promise for first timer diners like me prior to dining there.
To be fair I did notice the good reviews were posted about 2-3 years ago, and many things can happen between this time. I can only feel unlucky for having to try Banquet during its worst. Let this be a reminder to anyone reading this as well, take note of the review’s date because if the standard is not being maintained, you’re going to have a very very different experience.


Braised Lamb Shank @ RM35 had tender meat but the sauce was a complete failure. It felt like instant pasta sauce was used then mixed with some tomato sauce. This is going down in my book as the worst Lamb Shank ever.


Then came the highly rated Oven Baked Butter Fish with Cream of Honey Mustard @ RM25. The Butter Fish was very bland, just like how it should taste naturally. So the sauce is crucial here. Although the grainy Honey Mustard Cream was alright, the taste gets boring really really fast. At the first bite we were delighted that it was much better than the lousy Lamb Shank. But that feeling gradually faded with each subsequent bite.


After finishing the very disappointing entrees, we had some cakes as desserts, which were included in the course meal – pretty good but nothing to write home about. I felt kinda relieved that the cakes were ok. Because if they could screw up something even as simple as a cake.. I would be really speechless. This is a Carrot Cake by the way.


Mango Cheese Cake.


If you are wondering how CafeCafe fares compared to Banquet, well I can tell you not it’s not doing too good either. I am saying this because I went to both Banquet and CafeCafe on the same weekend lol!

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