Bazaar Ramadhan @ Bandar Baru Perda, Seberang Perai Tengah


Every year I will make it a point to visit the colorful and tantalizing Bazaar Ramadhan. Last year I was at one of the largest in Malaysia at Shah Alam and this year, I am visiting one near my house at Bandar Baru Perda, Seberang Perai Tengah.



The Bazaar Ramadhan at Bandar Baru Perda is located at the car park of Masjid Perda. I feel the best time to go is around 5pm, when the crowd is at its minimum and most of the stalls are already ready to sell their food.



Right at the entrance of the mosque is a Ayam Golek stall, selling a whole roast chicken at RM18. The minimum portion is half a chicken at RM9.

ayam golek


The marination is very different from those I saw in Shah Alam‘s, they have a reddish appearance instead of golden brown. But still, looks juicy and tempting. Too bad I couldn’t finish half a portion on my own (and also wanting to try more food) or I would have bought some to try.

ayam panggang berempah

Ayam Panggang Berempah, these were selling at RM18 for a whole bird.

fried noodles

A fried noodle and rice stall.

preparing charcoal stove

Since I arrived quite early, some stalls were just starting up. Like this Ayam Percik stall preparing the charcoal stove for grilling the chicken later.

nasi lauk campur

A nasi lauk stall that was buzzing with customers later. According to the people, they were featured in the Berita Harian newspaper for their delicious dishes. I have to say the way they presented their dishes using rattan basket and clay pots was quite unique among the rest of the stalls.

roti jala stall

making roti jala

They also have a Roti Jala stall, where they happily posed for a photo.

grill ayam percik

ayam percik panggang

Ayam Percik, the Malaysian styled BBQ Chicken is always one of the food that comes into mind when it comes to Bazaar Ramadhan, it is like the most symbolic food ever.

ayam hati percik

grill ayam percik

ayam percik

As I know there are quite a number of variations to Ayam Percik, some could be marinated with plenty of lemongrass and topped with peanut sauce while some are reddish (made with dried chili) like this.

ayam hati percik

Ayam Hati Percik, RM1 each.

murtabak stall

murtabak ayam

man fring murtabak

Murtabak is an indispensable item at any Bazaar Ramadhan.

ikan bakar

iken keli bakar

Ikan bakar stalls are aplenty too. The ikan bakar keli was quite cheap, sold according to sizes starting from RM3.

gulai kawah baling

Gulai Kawah Baling cooked with batang pisang.

grill satay

chicken satay

Chicken and beef satay sold at 40 cents each stick.

durian pulut stall

durian pulut

Durian Pulut is something I would want to try in my next visit. Look at the huge size of the durians..

cake stall

I simply love the Malay kuih-muih, so cheap and so many of them to choose from. Most of them are selling 4 pieces at RM1, and I couldn’t believe my ears when a trader told me his onde-onde are sold at RM1 for 12 biji!

kuih seri ayu

Kuih Seri Ayu.

pau sambal

Now this kuih stuffed with sambal ikan bilis and salad has a lot of names: Pau Sambal, Burger Mini Malaysia, Burgembira, Donut Sambal and even Doraemon.

curry puff

Curry puffs.

kuih lopes

Kuih Lopes covered in coconut shreds, to be eaten with brown sugar syrup.

agar agar stall

agar agar

For desserts there’s also agar agar.


I only saw one dadih stall and luckily for me it was a good one. The dadih here has multiple layers with different flavors like chocolate and those from fruits like watermelon and strawberry. It is a hit with the kids and I couldn’t resist buying a cup too. RM1.20 only.

Rojak stall

Fruit Rojak.

coconut drink stall

drinks stall

You will always find lots of stalls selling drinks as well priced from as low as RM1 a packet, and the best thing is that the packets are usually big. Sugar cane juice is a must for me at any Bazaar Ramadhan.

leng chee kang

Leng Chee Kang.

sup lembu

Sup Lembu with plenty of meat options from gearbox to beef tripes to chicken meat. That big pot of boiling broth caught my attention immediately.. simply the biggest in the entire bazaar.

beef skewers

Beef skewers that were made like Mediterranean style with a twist of sausages being part of the ingredients.

BBQ food stall

A BBQ food stall selling various skewers priced from 50 cents to RM1. Some of the items include:

Sosej Bakar

Sosej Bakar

burger stick

Burger sticks using Ramly beef patties. They were surprisingly quite good (albeit unhealthy lol) after being topped with mayonaise and drenched in black pepper sauce.

bebola ayam

Various meat balls like bebola ayam and sotong.

kerang bakar

Kerang Bakar, RM3 a portion.

chicken rice

And before I left with my Bazaar Ramadhan loot (2 packets of sugar cane juice, 1 ikan keli bakar, 1 dadih and a few BBQ skewers) this young man insisted I take a photo of him and his chicken rice, which I did. The traders were so friendly (maybe they thought I am from the press) and more than willing to pose and let you take their photos.
Although not as grand and huge as compared to the one in Shah Alam, you will definitely appreciate not having to squeeze through the massive crowds. So it was a nice evening well spent for me. And if this does not make you want to visit the nearest Bazaar Ramadhan, I don’t know what will hehe.

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  1. Yum yum, some of the food I didn’t see before, seems like the northern goodies are more attractive. If I able to catch up the Ramadan Bazzar, will share the southern goodies with you too.

  2. Those who interested to have a Special Gear Box soup are welcome to visit a Bazaar Ramadan at Perda ..The Best and the biggest Bazaar Ramadan among Penang Island..


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