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BBQ Seafood Buffet at G Hotel

ATTENTION! Due to many complaints received in my blog’s comments on G Hotel’s BBQ Seafood Dinner, please be informed vkeong.com no longer recommends this. From my experience it was fine but many people complained about the food quality, variety and some even complained of discomfort after that. So all G Hotel BBQ Seafood related posts will serve only as a reference for the food you will find there. I regret any bad experiences you’ve had if you went for the buffet after viewing my blog. Thank you.

It’s BBQ Seafood buffet every Friday and Saturday at G Hotel’s G Cafe. Just for your information, G Hotel is the latest hotel to open along Gurney Drive. Even the wall’s paint smell is still lingering in the air. It is nicely situated beside Gurney Plaza and I think there’s work on building a bridge connecting these 2 buildings. It’s nice to know Chilli’s has opened a restaurant on G Hotel’s ground floor. I might be heading there for my birthday hehe.

g hotel

The hotel’s logo is simple.. yet elegant.

g cafe

This is the restaurant serving the buffet, you will find it at the end of the hotel. The BBQ Seafood buffet starts at 6.30pm and ends at 10pm (kinda early in my opinion)


This post will be all about the buffet’s dessert first, too many photos lor :P Being smart, we arrived early so all the cakes were still untouched.


Phew, that’s a lot! One of my colleague who’s a frequent buffet diner actually recommended me to go for Mutiara Beach Resort or Gurney Hotel for good buffets. But since Mutiara is closed for renovation and BBQ Seafood buffet seemed much more interesting than International Buffet at Gurney Hotel, we opted for G Hotel. I will blog about the seafood in the next post.. so stay tuned (as if anyone is actually interested reading it lol)

G Hotel Contact Information –

Website: www.ghotel.com.my
Tel: 604 2380000, for buffet inquiries ask then to connect you to G Cafe
Fax: 604 2380088
Email: info@ghotel.com.my

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