BBQ Seafood Buffet Part 4

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ATTENTION! Due to many complaints received in my blog’s comments on G Hotel’s BBQ Seafood Dinner, please be informed no longer recommends this. From my experience it was fine but many people complained about the food quality, variety and some even complained of discomfort after that. So all G Hotel BBQ Seafood related posts will serve only as a reference for the food you will find there. I regret any bad experiences you’ve had if you went for the buffet after viewing my blog. Thank you.

G Hotel

Since a lot of people are actually interested (lol) in my G Hotel Seafood Buffet posts, lets keep it going. G Hotel’s lobby is one of the biggest I have been to. Compare the size of an adult in the photo and you can imagine the spaciousness. Down the lobby through the glass doors, on the left would be where G Cafe is located. If you turned right you will reach Gurney Plaza instead.


Interior of G Cafe.


This is the place to get fruits, hand rolled California sushi and crackers with cheese.


More raw oysters for you to drool over with. The oysters are replenished very often so you don’t have to worry about its availability, even if they get taken a lot.


In my opinion BBQ prawns taste much better than steamed ones. The prawns’ shells are easier to peel too.

BBQ Seafood

Beverage wise, guests are only served with iced plain water. Tea and coffee are available too but you will have to request from the waiters, these are included in the buffet. You may even opt for free flow of in-house wine for RM48 extra. And lastly, if you are offered fruit juice, keep in mind that they are considered add-ons to your existing bill. Luckily I asked before ordering, I still remember the looks on some whom ordered the fruit juice. Judging from their expression, obviously they were surprised with the amount lol. Anyway for those who still do not know, it’s RM68++ per pax for the BBQ seafood dinner. And if you ask me, is the buffet good? I would say it was above expectation. Is it worth RM68? Very worth if you love raw seafood, the unlimited supply of raw oysters and salmon should make you a very happy person that night :P

G Hotel Contact Information –

Tel: 604 2380000, for buffet inquiries ask then to connect you to G Cafe
Fax: 604 2380088

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