Bebek Semar Warung @ Ubud, Bali

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Ubud is widely regarded as the cultural centre of Bali hence it is an ideal place to shop for arts and handicrafts.
This mountainous region is also famous for few other things such as rice terrace, volcano views and also Bebek Goreng Bali which is Balinese fried duck. Restaurants that serve this local delicacy could be seen everywhere and they mostly cater to tourists who come in bus loads.

Semar Warung Paddy-Field-View

Besides serving bebek, these restaurants also share a similar characteristics of having a paddy field view. So the overall dining experience could be summarized as ‘eating ducks next to paddy fields’. After refusing to eat at two obvious tourist traps, our tour guide finally brought us to Semar Warung – a place where he at least had personally been to before.
The first thing we noticed was the lower prices compared to the previous two that we just rejected. I wouldn’t say it’s cheap but definitely affordable. However, I am still quite certain that this is a tourist restaurant, maybe just less so.


Luckily the food turned out to be quite good and we liked the bebek goreng @ Rp85k. The type of duck they use here is different from those we use to roast back in Malaysia. It is much smaller in size with a darker flesh akin to mutton and less gamey in flavor. But because the duck is fried, it could taste a bit dry but it was still delicious nonetheless. The spicy bumbu that comes togehter is extremely spicy and really spruces up the dish.

Semar Warung Nasi-Campur

The Nasi Campur @ Rp65k features a few simple Indonesian dishes including sate lilit (slightly burnt one too), pepes ikan, ayam goreng kecap, tempe & prawn tempura and sayur plecing. If you have been to Bumbu Bali or Ole Ole Bali you should be familiar with this already. To be honest, I feel Bumbu Bali’s nasi campur is a lot better in most aspects. The only thing that Semar Warung does better is their fiery hot sambal.

Semar Warung Tegalagang-Paddy-Field

After the meal we went to visit the rice terraces of Tegalalang like everyone else did. The view is pretty impressive in real-life and you could have a relaxing cuppa at the many strategically located cafés.

Semar Warung Semar-Bali


Bebek Semar Warung
Jalan raya Mas 165,
Ubud, Bali

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