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Bedrock Restaurant Cafe @ USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya


Located in the heart of USJ Taipan, Bedrock is one of the few brunch spots in the vicinity. Natural light from the big windows fills every corner of this minimalist yet spacious cafe, creating an open and airy atmosphere.


Bedrock cafe Baked-Eggs

The menu is short with repetitive ingredients but features a number of interesting options that breaks the mold of a typical cafe. Inspired by the Arabic dish of Shakshouka, the Baked Eggs @ RM16 was a wholesome bowl of perfectly poached eggs, chicken frankfurters, cherry tomatoes and capsicums in a herby tomato sauce. To complete the experience, dip their homemade garlic bread in and savour it with a drizzle of creamy yogurt.

Bedrock cafe Mushroom-Egg-Toast

Not a fan of poached eggs? Try the equally good Mushroom Toasties @ RM12. There was nothing to fault about this, as everything was well executed.

Bedrock cafe pasta

Currently, there are only two selections of pasta: Chicken Pesto Pasta @ RM15 (left) and Primavera @ RM15 (right), both served in linguine pasta cooked to perfect al dente chewiness. Between the two, the Primavera is my preferred choice. However, there is some fine tuning to be done with the seasonings, as they might taste mild for local taste buds.

Bedrock cafe Roast-Chicken

The Salted Roast Chicken with Potato Salad @ RM18 was the strongest dish of the meal. It features a quarter of a chicken that was brined for 15 hours to ensure the flesh would be moist with a much crsip skin when roasted. It reminded me of the famous salted chicken in Ipoh, but with a crispier skin. Sometimes, you would get two portions of thighs if they felt the serving size was not filling enough. Recommended unless you dislike saltish food.

Bedrock cafe Spicy-Rice

One of the more unique offerings here is the Kedgeree @ RM12, an Indian inspired rice dish usually eaten as breakfast. Bedrock’s rendition of this classic dish was to introduce raisins to counter the spiciness from the curry powder and other spices used to flavour the rice. The portion was quite hearty and could be ordered for sharing purposes. A squeeze of lemon is not required but recommended for that extra zing.


Besides bread, Bedrock also makes their own peanut butter flavoured ice cream. It is used in their affogato and desserts like the PB & J French Toast @ RM16, as shown above.

Bedrock PB-&-J-Toast

Generously drizzled in chocolate sauce and strawberry puree, the toast was also topped with a grilled banana and was sprinkled with chopped almond nuts and cinnamon for a spicy sweet scent. Even though the peanut butter ice cream was not perfect (the texture was quite chunky) it was still delicious enough to warrant a try. Moreover, the price was certainly justified for a humongous dessert such as this.


It is also worth mentioning that Bedrock serves affordable coffee from RM5 onwards. Cheap when compared to other similar establishments that offer the same but at almost double the price. Since they are still in the early stages of operation, the menu is not as diverse as the rest and some dishes could certainly use some improvements.
But overall it was a pleasant experience dining at Bedrock. It was also heartening to see a cafe operated by young entrepreneurs striving to serve hot food rather than cut corners. And perhaps more importantly, willing to improve by listening to feedbacks.



Bedrock is located just above Nanking coffee shop.

Bedrock Restaurant Café
36-1, USJ 10/1
47620 Subang Jaya
Tel: 017-352 7250
Business hours: 11am-11pm daily (till 1am on weekends) Closed on Mondays

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