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Bee Tin Curry Mee (Chain Ferry Curry Mee) @ Butterworth


As I know there are two versions of Curry Mee around. One uses slightly sweet and savory coconut milk mainly as the soup base with chili supplied separately, commonly found in Penang.
Another version, which is more common in KL/Ipoh and other places is prepared with curry soup topped with curry chicken resulting in a thicker and spicy broth even without the addition of chili.
If you are a Northern person you would probably dislike the Southern version, and vice versa. It’s a love or hate thing from what I see. Some people claim that since the noodle dish is called Curry Mee, it’s only appropriate that the soup is curry based. Well, me being a lover of both versions, I have to admit I prefer the Northern style more.


Bee Tin Curry Mee at Butterworth is the perfect example of a typical Penang Curry Mee. The soup is a white concoction made mainly of coconut milk, and tastes a little sweet and light on its own.

Chili paste, often accompanied with a good amount of chili oil as well is usually supplied in a small container on the tables. While each bowl of curry mee does come with a spoonful of chili, it is highly likely that you would end up adding more of the addictive chili paste.
And although the chili paste looks spicy, the spiciness is actually quite mild and is the main ingredient to liven up the otherwise-tame-looking-noodles.


The smallest bowl of Curry Mee here cost RM2.50, with the largest one priced at RM3.50. I would suggest that you go for the large one as the small one, is really small in portion.
Despite the small portions, generous amount of fresh prawns, cockles and pig blood cubes are given. If you find the blood cubes yucky, you should let them know in advance so they would omit it. But if that’s the case, I feel you are missing out on the best thing in curry mee.
I probably should mention that even though Bee Tin’s curry mee is flavorful, it seems to be because of the amount of MSG they use. I immediately felt a dryness in my throat just after 5 minutes finishing my noodles, definitely experiencing “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”.


Besides the MSG, you should also be aware of the waiting time and cleanliness of the coffee shop. Expect at least 20-30 minutes of wait on a normal weekend, and dirty tables and chairs in a rather filthy, questionable environment. To be honest I am quite hesitant to return because of this. But people still throng it anyway.
Anyway if you don’t know, Bee Tin Curry Mee is also more commonly known as Chain Ferry Curry Mee by the locals, most likely because the coffee shop’s sign board is so faded and hidden from view. So the best way to identify the stall is by the road they are situated along at. If you are travelling to Butterworth’s train or bus station via Jalan Chain Ferry, you won’t miss this stall.

Bee Tin Curry Mee (Chain Ferry Curry Mee)
2497, Jalan Assumption (junctioning with Jalan Chain Ferry)
Butterworth, Seberang Perai.
Open from 8am onwards, until finish

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