Bermuda & Onion Western Cuisine @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

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Clever business owners have taken up the pre-World War II houses along Changkat Bukit Bintang and turned them into a potpouri of international restaurants. Whatever international fare that you have in mind – French, Italian, Japanese, German, Indian, or Brazilian, it is most probably available here. No wonder foodies fall in love with this place instantly.
Not too long ago I got an invitation from Shalyn of Flam’s Inc to dine at one of their outlet at Bermuda & Onion along Changkat Bukit Bintang. Cute name for a restaurant, I kept wondering if the dining concept was related to the Bermuda pants or the Bermuda Triangle lol. Being a fine dining restaurant, B&O offers s wide menu of Western cuisine and featuring a lot of pork.


It soon became clear to me that B&O’s name was given by the former head chef, who got the inspiration from another restaurant of the same name in France. You will find the atmosphere here relaxed, funnily decorated with a couple of onions scattered around loosely – do keep an eye out for them.
Romain is the restaurant manager, a charming and friendly man helped with his team of ever attentive and polite team of waiters. Like usual, we would choose to sample one item from each section of the menu.
For soup, we had the Creamy Mushroom Soup @ RM16 made using a mixed of wild mushrooms and served with a garlic crouton. The thick and creamy consistency was a good thing but I found the wild mushroom’s taste was a little heavy. I really liked dipping the crouton into my soup, it was crunchy and helped to subdue the strong mushroom taste.


Skewer Combo Platter @ RM32 is a combination of Prawn & Parma Ham, Asparagus & Bacon & Scallops & Ham.


This dish was a great appetizer, paving way for more great things to come that night. The Parma Ham oozed with flavor especially after being grilled, delicious.


I felt the ham’s taste strong and overpowering the flavor of the prawns and scallops wrapped within. So what I did was to open up the skewers and enjoyed the scallops first, then only the hams. This might not be the way skewers were intended to be enjoyed, but I just had to taste the scallops’ freshness and natural sweetness on their own.


Oh, the two of us had B&O’s Classic Mojito @ RM26 and Energy Booster Juice (orange, strawberry & banana) @ RM12.


Then came our much awaited main courses. The Mixed Fritto Misto @ RM42 is an assortment of deep-fried Dory Fillet, Tiger Prawns, Squid and Eggplant served with lemon wedges and Tartar sauce in the middle.
For seafoods as fresh as these, there’s no need to cook them in a fancy way or in any sauce. By deep frying them, you can really savour the freshness within. I especially loved the Dory Fillets – meaty yet had a tender and moist interior, simply satisfying.


Giant Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs @ RM52 was one of the many signature dishes which can be found under B&O’s Pork Special menu. B&O certainly wasn’t kidding when they used the word ‘giant’, as the humongous portion was fitting for its name. Accompaniments include roasted potatoes and braised beans, and you get to choose between the traditional BBQ sauce or Blue Cheese Sauce.


We were easily won over by the delicious homemade BBQ sauce just after a bite. Although the ribs were really meaty, we felt the the meat was a little dry and tough especially at the loin (shown in this chunk) Luckily the meat wrapping around the ribs was much more tender, and we loved it to bits.


What better way to end a good porky meal, than having some sinfully delicious desserts? I seriously don’t know lol. This is Hot Chocolate Fondant with Coconut Sherbet, basically a hot chocolate cupcake or muffin that overflows with chocolatey chocolate cream which is served with some icy cool sherbet. It is also known as a Lava Cake for the obvious reason. RM18 a serving.
We were wondering why it took a considerable amount of time for the desserts to arrive. Then we realized that the desserts were made upon order, which explained a lot about the aroma and the freshness of the desserts. I don’t mind waiting if my desserts are fresh out the oven, lol.


B&O’s Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream @ RM18 will definitely be an indulgence for any chocolate lover. As soon as the warm brownie arrived the air smelled of chocolate, fueled from the aroma and flavor released.
Needless to say it was the perfect finish to our meal. We tried hard to finish the whole brownie, but the portion was quite hard to beat after having all the food lol.


The restaurant’s indoor seating area features a bar where you can hang out and chill out with your favorite drink. The outer seating area is beautifully roofed with glass, great for a casual (and porky) lunch.
I am actually quite curious about their pork sausages, which I saw was being served in the table next to us because they looked absolutely wonderful (long and thick and all lol) With that in mind, I can imagine myself sitting under the glass roof on a sunny weekend afternoon enjoying pork sausages – on my next visit.

Bermuda & Onion WWW
No.41, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
T: (03) 2145 8333

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