Best Ramadhan Bazaar @ Shah Alam Stadium, Section 13 Shah Alam


First thing first, enough of Ramadhan Buffet. I think I have blogged enough of it for this year. So, what’s better than Ramadhan Buffet? Definitely Bazaar Ramadhan. Every year during Ramadan month I will go to the bazaar nearest to my place, which is usually smaller in scale. But this year I decided to do something different and visit a more grand one instead. Many people are saying that the Bazaar Ramadhan at Shah Alam Stadium is very huge and also the best in Malaysia.
When I reached Shah Alam Stadium’s entrance yesterday evening, I was shocked to see not a single tent in sight. Luckily there was a guard around and he told us that the bazaar is actually held on the other side of the stadium, on a carpark to be exact. If not for that I would have gone home already lol. For me I feel the best time to visit the bazaar is around 4pm (weekends, of course) when there’s lesser people – you get to survey the stalls more comfortably and freely.


The first thing that caught our attention was the Ayam Golek. It was simply the highlight of the Bazaar Ramadhan. It’s hard not to feel fascinated by the number of skewered whole chickens being barbecued slowly over gas and charcoal in a rotational movement. They were also perfect for photos and I am going to show lots, and I mean lots of them lol.


Some Ayam Golek stations have an automatic roller, while some still required manual rotation.


When they are ready they will be taken to the stall front and sold hot and fresh. The price for a whole bird ranged from RM12 to RM15, depending on the size.


Because Ayam Golek is barbecued over slow fire the meat is very juicy and tender, even the chicken breast part.


We bought half a bird from Restoran Jaring @ RM8 and it was sooooooo good. The marinate was just a simple combination of honey and lemongrass but the taste and aroma of the chicken was just so so great.


They say better buy Ayam Golek barbecued over charcoal than gas because gas might be poisonous? I don’t really know lol.


Food on sticks, not exactly tasty but the children love it.


Barbecued Chicken Wings @ RM1.50 each.


Pan fried skewers.


It’s good to know the chefs were wearing face masks amidst the H1N1 flu outbreak.


Jugs of cendol selling for RM3 each, so tempting and colorful.


Grilled chicken


A closer look..


Various packet drinks and juices. But I always stick to sugar cane juice lol.


Different types of kuih muih on sale.


Layer cake (kek lapis) from Sarawak also made its appearance. RM5 for 3 small pieces.


A very beautiful looking kuih, not sure what it was though.


Tepung Pelita is a soft two layered kuih wrapped in banana leaves, where the top layer is made of salt and grated coconut while the lower layer is sweet pandan flavored. I like this a lot.


The curry fragrance from the Gulai Kawah was simply irresistable.


Stacks of Murtabak Ayam, a popular item in any Bazaar Ramadhan.


This guy’s Char Koay Teow is Penang-styled and he had some kung fu to show in the frying process as well. I gotta admit it was the his play of wok and fire that got us buying from him among the many Char Koay Teow stalls. RM3.50 a pack and it was quite nice..


Roti Jala was going cheap.. RM1 for a pack of 5.


Tau fu fa – available in hot and cold.




Laksa. There were so many types there from Kedah to Penang to Johor.


More jugs of cendol, from another stall. This one had more ingredients hence more colorful.


Ayam Goreng Pandan


Nasi Goreng Pataya


Apam Balik


Don’t think that only local food is available.. freshly baked pizzas can be bought too.


Although laden with much imitation crab sticks and processed food, the seafood pizza was a nice subject to photograph.


Small kid with Spongebob balloon buying drinks. There were many friendly, smiling faces throughout the bazaar.


A big pot of Nasi Briyani, almost like a small hill.


I wonder how many packets of rice can be sold from this huge pot.


And of course let’s not forget about Ayam Percik, also a must try in any bazaar Ramadhan. I noticed there are few versions of Ayam Percik.. one is grilled along with lemongrass seasoning and yellowish in color.


Another type is like this, reddish and looks like it had been soaked in red paint lol. I prefer the first version much, much more.


Fried noodles is also a common sight.


Ikan Pari Bakar


And bigger portions intended for the whole family. Those numbered flags sure added some touch of ‘interestingness’ lol.


Satak (banana leaf wrapped cone of minced fish and grated coconut, lemongrass and onion flavored) and otak-otak grilled on a slow fire.


Satay was going for RM0.50 to RM0.60 a stick.


Sotong Bakar


It is to be eaten with chili sauce and crushed peanuts as dressing.


More Nasi Briyani, this stall offers different lauk for take away too.


This Chocolate Moist Cake stall was doing very brisk business. Each slice of the soft yet so thick and rich cakes was selling for RM2 each. The most interesting part was that the chocolate cakes were dressed in melted chocolate on the spot upon order. It was no doubt a crowd drawer (us included lol)


Our loot of the evening for our dinner were half a Ayam Golek @ RM8, Char Koay Teow from the kung fu guy @ RM3.50 and two slices of Chocolate Moist Cake @ RM4. Tell you what it was more enjoyable than any Ramadhan Buffet! If you haven’t been to any Bazaar Ramadhan yet, you still have less than 2 weeks left. The sight of Ayam Golek itself is worth it for me lol.

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  1. vkeong, don’t you find it hard using a fixed lens for walkaround? Many time when I only had my 50mm on, I wish I could go a lil bit wider or zoom in. I just ‘langgar’ someone behind me the other day while trying to photograph a food stall. LOL

  2. Always understand what you need. do a recce before heading to anyplace with your camera.

    so once you know what you’re going to shoot, bring only the needed equipment and leave the rest at home. Always pack light.

    vkeong.. when wanna try munakata?

  3. This is one great photo essay, if there is an award for best blog page, this post should be it because of the large number of photos and variety of food posted. There are only 2 photos which is not appealing due to the blurred background, the pizza and rojak photo.

    Good job and great food.

  4. wow…
    Love all your food pictures!! Drooling… especially the tepung favourite!! but, here in Kuching, they wrap with Pandan leave..

  5. Extremely nice photos. Makes me wanna visit the bazaar as well :P

    The only thing strange is the Nasi Goreng Pattaya. I mean, i never seen one that thin before. Doesn’t seem to contain much “nasi goreng” :P

  6. Hi… great post… Currently overseas and truly missing the bazaar ramadhan and the food…. ur pics and write-up really make-up for it though….

    Thanks :)

  7. Hi vkeong,
    As always impressive pictures on the food. I must visit this place before it ends. I wonder how is the parking there? Any comment?


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