Best Chinese Nasi Lemak @ Bukit Mertajam


I am going to introduce to you in my opinion is inarguably the best Chinese nasi lemak in Bukit Mertajam. I call it “Chinese nasi lemak” because the seller is indeed a Chinese aunty, and also to stress that it’s non-halal, that’s all. Anyway I am lucky enough to stay just 5 minutes away from the stall which operates next to AIA company, opposite Courts Mammoth along Jalan Sungai Rambai.
I have been patronizing this nasi lemak stall since Form 1, that’s like more than 12 years already! Since I am a long customer of hers, we do chat a bit. According to her, she has been selling even before I was borned, lol.

nasi lemak

Another thing, the rice is only normal white rice, not any coconut milk rice lol. Sorry about that, I just have no idea what name to give to the rice she sells. Shown here is a my most favorite combination for a wonderful breakfast – curry chicken, curry prawns, baby squids in dark soy sauce, loh bak (meat rolls) and lots of curry gravy!
Trust me on the combination, as I have tested many variations. This is the tastiest, lol. It usually cost me RM3.50 to RM4.00 for a packet.

nasi lemak

When I was still working in Penang, I used to take away the nasi lemak here to the office. On the journey there, the rice would get soaked nicely in the curry chicken and prawn’s gravy. Everytime I open my packet, the aroma would never fail to draw my colleagues over to my cubicle lol. Although smaller in size, baby squid’s flesh is less chewy and more tender than a full grown squid. You really gotta try it.

chinese nasi lemak

The array of dishes she prepares daily (in addition the ones I mentioned just now) always consists of curry stingray with okra, cockles, fried anchovies and long beans. Sometimes when I am not in the mood for rice, I’d order fried mee hoon with only curry prawns instead. It tastes just as nice!

AIA nasi lemak stall

She starts selling from 7.30am onwards daily except on Sundays. And since her business is very good she usually finish selling by 9am most of the time. So, you gotta be early or you’d miss out all the nice dishes. This is one of the foods I never fail to have whenever I take a trip back to BM – partly because it has played quite a big part in my life. If this interests you, find the map here.
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.855 E100 27.181

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  1. Yummiee….

    Chinese Nasi lemak… to me they always taste spicier than Malay Nasi Lemak which is normally sweeter. …. and the cooking also slightly different .. but chinese or malay nasi lemak.. i love them both…

    yea, it’s a wonder that no santan here.. taste as good as the one with santan? the one with santan eh still much better.. and more wangi also… …

    PenangTuaPui’s last blog post..Penang Restaurant: Soba Yoshi Jap Restaurant

  2. Love the food photo you took. Very nice.Large enough to see the finest ingredients. Even food that gon’t get yr ok, looks yummy! Will try this nasi lemak when back to BM next week. Nsai Lemak is my all time favourite. Thanks for the precise directions. will mention to Auntie i read abt her in yr blog.
    Keep up the nice work.

    vk: Thanks! I don’t know if the auntie will know which guy you are mentioning, lol.

  3. oh yes, i agree with you the Cheok Sah Hokkien mee is less nice than it used to be. One very good Hokkien mee I always go to when I’m back to Penang is at Jalan Perak on Penang Island. Its the row of shophouse opposite the Padang. Will try to get the precise address for you this upcoming trip. the waiting time is super long cos very very good business. Usually by 9 plus am, its sold out.

    vk: Thank you for the tip. I will be anticipating for the precise address, hehe.

  4. The auntie just told me, somebody had put her picture in the internet,finally i surf it. This auntie were my lovely nasi lemak. normally my combination is 2 pcs of currychicken,baby squids and fried meatball, RM4.80. A bit expensive but worthy. It is really very nice especially the curry chicken…..muah!!!! I LOVING IT!

    • hi anon, sadly that’s the feedback I got mostly.. can you give it another try? this time, ask the aunty to give more of the curry chicken and curry prawn gravies.. I am sure the flavors will improve. Most of the people didn’t like it because they find it a little dry.


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