Best Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah in Seri Kembangan


One of the nicest food not to be missed in Seri Kembangan has to be this Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah stall. I still remember how I discovered this fabulous nasi lemak.
One evening I was planning to have my dinner at the food court across the road where this nasi lemak stall was operating. As soon as I got out of my car, I smelt something very fragrant – so fragrant that I could not help but to trace it.
And you guessed it right, the amazing smell came all the way from the stall right across the road! Needless to say I abandoned my original plan and bought a pack to try lol. Since then I have been a regular customer (at least twice a week!)


Due to its rather hidden location, not many people know about this nasi lemak stall. Not even those staying nearby. So, let’s hope this post will help to give the exposure it really deserves. Simply because I have tried many other nasi lemak ayam berempah, nasi ayam dara in the area and none of their taste can come close to this one. That’s a small mountain of fried chicken (ayam berempah), freshly deep fried everyday.


Although it is called “Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah”, the rice is actually just normal white rice instead of coconut milk rice. Don’t ask me why, ask the owner lol. Fairus seen here is responsible for preparing your nasi lemak.



Firstly, you will have to pick a chicken piece of your choice and place it on the chopping board. I usually go for drumstick or chicken thigh for the tenderness and skin. Believe me you would want the piece with the most skin because that’s where all the flavor is concentrated at.


The ikan bilis and kacang are optional but the spicy sambal is a MUST have. At first the sambal was a little too spicy for me, often leaving me teary eyed afterwards.
But after a couple more tries, I got more and more addicted to the sambal’s delicious spicy kick. In fact, I would tell the preparer to give me “sambal lebih lebih” (extra sambal) nowadays lol.
So, if you do not take sambal then you’re really missing out one of the best stuff here. But then again, which Malaysian doesn’t take sambal, right?


A pack of nasi lemak cost RM3.80. You can opt for additional rice for a mere 20 cents, 70 cents for a fried egg and RM2.50 for a piece of chicken. The amount of ikan bilis given actually would be half of what you are seeing currently. Just because I am a regular customer, they always give me some extra stuff hehe.


Yuswatli is from Medan, Indonesia and the tasty sambal is actually his own recipe. Besides preparing the sambal, he helps to fry the chicken to perfection. The tempting smell I mentioned earlier, so fragrant that can be detected even across the road comes from all the deep-frying happening here.


A huge bucket containing the marinated chicken pieces in spices before they were being deep fried. The actual owner of the stall (never seen him before) is from Kelantan and the the ayam berempah’s recipe is his.
When asked about the number of fried chicken they can sell in a day, the answer was shocking: it’s a staggering number of 350 pieces!


Another thing I discovered that could make the nasi lemak tastier was add some rempah pulp. The rempah pulp is formed by the excessive spices during the deep frying process. Albeit a little salty, it is packed with flavor and makes a huge difference in the nasi lemak’s taste even by small quantity.


You gotta try the juicy, sweet tasting ayam berempah yourself.. especially those just out of the wok.. those are the best.


The stall opens daily at 4.30pm and closes whenever they finish selling everything (usually at 10.30pm) To find this awesome nasi lemak stall, look for the one and only Esso petrol station along the road to Equine Park’s Jaya Jusco from Cyberjaya. The stall is located behind the petrol station, directly opposite Happy Food Court. Refer to the wikimapia link.

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  1. Looks really appetizing. Darn, makes me crave for nasi lemak dy. Actually I think it’s a good thing they don’t use the coconut milk rice, less cholesterol and healthier option. :) By the way, I don’t understand, a pack of nasi lemak is RM3.80? And a chicken is RM2.50? So the RM3.80 is just rice ONLY?

    iamthewitch’s last blog post..All about Bak Kut Teh

    vk: A packet of nasi lemak with a piece of chicken = RM3.80. But some customers wanna tar pao the chicken only.. so it’s RM2.50 a piece lor

  2. Dude awesome blog… There was this one place in Sri Petaling that had one of the most awesome nasi lemak ayam rempah. It closed down, but heard that it opened up somewhere… This could be the place…

  3. Cool!!! Now doing intern in Equine Park, after work need head back to campus, Cyberjaya. Gona try it later. By the way, I am putting a link onto this site from my blog, if you wouldn’t like it, just email me and I’ll take it off. Thanks

    skol’s last blog post..

  4. Hi…

    It is not denying the ayam was good but the sambal was not tasty to me.

    I just discover that there is one shop behind pasar borong selangor, Apartment Putra (no sign, orange color) sells a very good nasi lemak.

    Their nasi lemak was tasty and you will never forget it.

    They usually sell nasi lemak in any putrajaya events such dragon boat, waterski, hot air baloon…

    try it… i really recommend

  5. belacak..

    may i know the name of the shop which
    sell that tasty nasi lemak
    that you mention above?
    or is it just the small stall just
    opposite the surau over there?

  6. No names that i know of. I used to buy as well. But now the taste is different, not tasty as before. But near the surau just behind the pasar borong, they sell nasi lemak with ayam kampung. Delicious nasi lemak, fresh ayam kampung, sambal sotong & other dishes as well. The sambal is definitely superb!!

  7. Hi, great information there! For I know that place but am not aware of its existence. I bet there are more hidden stalls and restaurants in M’sia that we haven’t discovered yet. Keep sharing.

    It’d be nice if there’s veggie too – a healthy addition to an already spicy and delicious-smelling food. But too much spices and oil (especially the chicken) isn’t recommended. But it’s okay, two times a week doesn’t hurt =)

  8. reading this blog make me feel achingly craving for nasi lemak!!! i really miss the nasi lemak infront of starbuck ss15 sj!! the rice n the sambal is so2 good!! miss kl! miss selangor!! unlucky me!! they dont sell gud nasi lemak in miri n in kuching!!

  9. Guys, food for thought. No matter how tasty the food is, shouldn’t such illegal businesses be shut? There’s the issue of hygiene and not to mention depriving the state of tax revenue (I know the govt makes a hash out of taxes but thats another issue altogether).

  10. John, what is your true concern ? people like this food. I like them too, hygiene ? there are hundreds of restaurants with hygiene problem. I am a fussy guy too. I’ve been to this stall and I have no problems whatsoever. I’ve been the customer for few month and I’m still healthy. aihhh… stop envy of other people okay… let them provide us good tasty food.

  11. I just got back for the holiday, and thought I’d treat my lil bro to japanese buffet, but seeing the fried chicken, I think I’ll take a detour afterwards. Dayummm, do you guys know I could never find chicken fried the way it is in Malaysia? Even Indonesia’s fried chicken differs to Malaysian style fried chicken. Is it the oil? It must be the oil.

    • hi there, Indonesian fried chicken is usually called Ayam Penyet and the Malaysian is Ayam Goreng Berempah or Fried Chicken with spices.

      as the name suggests, it is the spices that make our Malaysian fried chicken tastes different from other countries. a simple recipe could call up to 10 types of fresh herbs and dried spices. you can search on internet for the recipe and it’s not that hard to make. however, in Kelantan they’ve got their own premix spices specially for this type of fried chicken.

      the oil could play a small role as well, since it’s been reused for many times so the oil eventually infused with the spices and makes every batch taste better.

      also, you have to marinade the chicken at least a day before frying them, 6 hours is the minimum.


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