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Best Yam Rice @ Jalan Murthy, Bukit Mertajam


After selling for so many years, the famous Bukit Mertajam Yam Rice stall below the old IBM finally shifted to a new location. They actually shifted one or two years ago, but I never had the chance to go back since my last visit.
I felt the move was really necessary, as the original coffee shop was just too small to accommodate the flurry of customer and latecomers had to sit at the five foot way. Plus, it was a pretty dark too (bad for photography lol).


Whenever an eatery shifts place, the main concerns for customers are usually on the food quality and pricing. Believe it or not, sometimes food does taste different when taken in another environment.
Some owners might even have to increase the price of their food too in order to cope with the expenses on renovation and stuff. Well, fortunately I can still say the Yam Rice’s quality and pricing still remained the same.


Each bowl of Yam Rice still comes with generous chunks of soft, fragrant yam, while the salted vegetable pork soup is still as appetizing as it had been. The chili and dark soy sauce combo remained great as well too.
It’d be great if you are game enough to eat the ‘spare parts’. Actually I am not a big fan of pork ‘spare parts’ myself, especially the liver and heart parts. But some more acceptable parts like pork maw and intestines (they’re clean don’t worry) are just really great.


We were so satisfied with the meal we added on another bowl of soup with extra pork balls, maw and liver (my brother likes it) But there was a mix up in the order so we got pork kidneys (huge white chunk at the center) as well. Honestly I didn’t like the taste at all and luckily we weren’t charged for their mistake lol. There are still food that I can’t and will never accept.


A meal for two like this cost a little more than RM16 inclusive of drinks, quite reasonable considering the huge portion we had. The new location for this awesome Yam Rice is now sharing the same block with Eastern Printers Sdn Bhd, next to the huge lorry shop.

Wikimapia location: Yam Rice
GPS Coordiates: N5 21.690 E100 27.767

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  1. I think I went before but din get to eat because after 2 days stayed in Penang with all the food spree, I got food poisoning and not able to eat anything on the last day…>.<

  2. I thought you will almost eat anything. So kidney is one of those things that you won’t eat lar? But the yam rice looks really good. Too bad there’s very little shop that sell yam rice here in KL.

  3. been here few times lately.

    Food: Tasty. Don’t remember how it tastes back then, but the taste should be similar till now.
    Price: Average
    Service Response: Quite fast

    Comment: Still recommended. Likely to go for it if happen to passby there.

  4. chai leng park is better.

    came here in Feb ’11 after reading yr blog.
    full of ppl so must be good la.
    was super thirsty 1/2 hour after eating. msg?
    my in-laws oso wanted to eat the next week, so go again. saw someone carrying a large bag of “Ajinomoto”s n go behind.

    ’nuff said.


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