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Bibi Chik Halal Nyonya Restaurant @ SS2


There is another halal Nyonya restaurant called Bibi Chik at SS2, located at the row of shops just behind the Nyonya Restaurant I went earlier last year. I have always wanted to give it a try because according to a friend who have been to both restaurants, he thinks Bibi Chik fared slightly better. Recently, we had a farewell lunch for our colleague there. But since the dishes are pre-ordered, I do not know how much they cost.


Due to the new coat of maroon paint, the restaurant felt kind of dark and gloomy but not without a distinctive feel. First dish to arrive was Crispy Brinjal, which easily won everyone over. From the looks it seems ordinary enough but you would be pleasantly surprised by the taste. The brinjals still retained the soft and mushy texture on the inside but on the honey coated outside, it was slightly crisp with a crunch. This is more like an appetizer actually.


One of the signature dishes here – Asam Fish prepared with Black Pomfret, the appetizing gravy goes excellently well with rice.


This was the dish I enjoyed the most, Honey Sotong. At first I thought they were mantis prawns due to the shape and the crunchiness. It was only until I saw the menu that I realized they were actually squids. And for me, this is a must order.


Bibi Chik Tofu – don’t be put off by the somewhat messy and unappealing presentation because it was actually quite good. As far as tofu goes, this could be considered unique in terms of cooking style. The accompanying sauce was savory and tangy, which some described as similar to those Indian rojak’s sauce.


After some promising dishes, here comes a few that I didn’t really fancy. Essentially, the Butter Prawn was done right but the prawns, being the main ingredient, were simply not fresh. It was apparent from the soggy flesh that just did not have the sweet seafood taste you would have expected.


And lastly, Pongteh Chicken. I don’t know why but many people seem to like to rave about this dish no matter which Nyonya restaurant they patronize. In fact, after trying a few from some supposingly famous Nyonya restaurants, I could safely say this is just an over-rated dish that is not worth ordering.
It is basically just a dark soya sauce chicken seasoned with Gula Melaka, and the taste is just as what you would have expected – slightly oily and sweet. I suppose this should stay as a home-cooked dish, which I am sure your mom/grandmother could cook better, really.


Overall I still consider the meal satisfying despite some misses here and there. But since I do not know how much the food cost in total, I couldn’t make a fair judgement on how worthy they were.

Restaurant Bibi Chik (Halal Nyonya food)
No 17, Jalan SS2/30,
Taman Sea,
47300 Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 06.792 E101 37.255
Tel: 03-7873-6769

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