Big and Tasty Crabs @ B Lui Seafood, Kepong Baru

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Looking for crabs in KL is easy with so many seafood restaurants around. But the real challenge is to look for one that has really large crabs without going out of town. And don’t get me started on those gimmicky restaurants that claim to sell crabs at RM18/kg, they are always teeny weeny ones with little meat – hardly satisfying. So if you share my same thoughts and do not mind spending more, there is a hawker-styled restaurant worth visiting at Kepong‘s Wai Sek Kai.


Because the crabs at B Lui Seafood are imported from either Indonesia or Australia, their sizes are reasonably larger as well as costing much more than the local breed. Those in the display tanks go for RM120/kg and weighs about 1 to 1.2kg each, while the even larger ones (~1.5kg, requires booking) cost RM150/kg. So the meal would easily exceed RM120 if you order only even one crab.

B Lui seafood salt-and-pepper-crab

The ways the crabs could be cooked are pretty standard, like what you would expect from a normal seafood restaurant. But just so you know, their signature cooking method is Kam Heong style, followed by the unique Coffee style. While I was there the table next to us ordered the Coffee Crabs, which filled the whole restaurant with coffee aroma when it was being prepared. As for us, we prefer to enjoy the crabs as it is with minimal seasoning and sauce, so the Pepper & Salt baked style was chosen. Since it is baked, the crab could go into the bamboo basket as a whole without being cracked open first.

B Lui seafood crab-pincer

I think this photo of the claw alone is enough to tell you the size of the crab and the amount of meat it packs. It is expensive alright but the satisfaction you get when you sink your teeth into the succulent and delicious meat.. that will surely overshadow the price.


You should not miss their Kam Heong La La @ RM23 too, which I think is really good. I have been ordering a lot of Kam Heong La La at other seafood restaurants but most of them could not even come close to B Lui’s version.

B Lui seafood salted-egg-squid

We also had the Salted Egg squid @ RM23, which turned out to be unexpectedly delicious much due to the savory and crunchy coating.

B Lui seafood crab-meat-fried-rice

The Crab Meat Fried Rice is one of the most ordered dish here, quite nice and flavorful. It could be better though if the fried egg was not so oily.

B Lui seafood -kepong

Besides the seafood, the nasi lemak (best nasi ever, fluffy and full of santan aroma but the lauk is nothing special) and BBQ chicken wings are worth trying out too. All of them are basically in the same food court so you could have them in the same sitting.

B Lui Seafood
No. 29, 30, 31, 32
Jalan 29, Kepong Baru
52100 KL
Business hours: 6pm to 12am (Closed on Wednesdays)
Tel: 019-331 7783 / 012-3903683

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