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Big Apple Donuts & Coffee @ AEON Seberang Perai City


Oh yeah Big Apple Donuts & Coffee has finally opened in Penang. Surprisingly the first Penang outlet is opened in AEON Seberang Perai City or Jusco Bandar Perda in Bukit Mertajam, not any other shopping complexes on the island side.
Today is AEON Seberang Perai City’s opening day and I just went there with my mom. Guess who has already bought and eaten the donuts, lol.

big apple donut

A box of 6 donuts is RM9.50. Currently Big Apple is having a special Merdeka month promotion where you would get 3 donuts free for every 6 purchased or a box of 6 donuts free with any purchase of box of 12 pieces.
Iced cappucino is also available at a cheap price of RM2.50 with any purchase of box of 12 pieces. You will only get the vouchers after an initial purchase but I am pretty sure the vouchers can be found easily online too.

big apple donut

Before this I thought Big Apple is from USA but after some Googling, I found only local bloggers have mentioned about their donuts. Even their website is still under construction so I am guessing it’s actually a local company?

big apple donut

Clockwise: Duren Duren, unknown flavor, white chocolate with peanut butter and almond. Duren Duren is made using fresh durian so it must be consumed within 3 hours. I find the durian flavor not too overpowering and really fresh!

big apple donut

Cheese flavor on the upper left and Alien vs Predator on the upper right. Alien vs Predator is the most popular donuts among all and a fast seller too. It is a must try for those who love chocolate.

big apple AEON seberang perai

You can see the process of making the donuts through the transparent glasses, very interesting.

big apple donut seberang perai city

Faster go Bukit Mertajam and try loh.

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  1. Yes..some people up north have been waiting very long for a donut chain to open here.

    Just curious, why the duren duren is so dark here? Looks like over-cooked. The one I saw in Midvalley was way fairer and more tempting!!

    buzzingbee’s last blog post..[Part 2] Bali Culture and Nature

    vk: Ya, the color is a bit darker, but it has no burnt smell. The ones at the counter look normal though

  2. hmmm bee’s right. the duren duren looks darker than the ones i saw in KL! maybe slight technical error on opening day kua.. :)
    i personally prefer J.Co to Big Apple Donut…but still to have Big Apple here is really exciting! I havent tried the famed Alien vs Predator so about time to go try.
    and i did read an article some time ago. if i remember correctly, big apple is indeed a local malaysian company.

    lingzie’s last blog post..Toh Soon’s Roti Bakar & Kampung Malabar Curry Mee

    vk: Actually the duren duren on the counter looks ok, not dark at all.. but when we ordered the manager asked the guy to take fresh ones. And that was the darker one loh. Taste wise it was ok, no burnt taste :)

  3. Hi…i tried the Big Apple donuts in Aeon Perda as well, and yes, the Alien vs. Predator is the best among my half dozen of donuts…
    Anyway, i still think that JCo is better, I tried JCo in Bali and i still couldn’t forget the taste until now…that’s why i rush to try out Big Apple when it opened, but kinda dissapointed :(

  4. i went there during Merdeka day.. gosh lots of people. haven’t try Big Apple yet but i really hope they will open J.Co Donuts or Dunkin Donuts there. i will try the Big Apple try next week.

  5. help.. help.. and help… i need information about this shop…. where should i find?? the website still under construction!!!!

    vk: Why don’t you try calling their office?

  6. We use to have a Big Apple Donut in Gurney Plaze on the top floor. I believe there was a fire. We are all upset as it never reopened we use to meet up several times a week to have great Coffee and lovely Donuts!! What I want to know when are you coming back to Penang! We have bought several visitors to the Big a Apple Donuts please consider this request.
    Yours Liz Garland


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