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Big Apple Donuts @ Midvalley The Gardens


Now this is something that we can only get in KL and Selangor area cannot get in Penang.. Big Apple donuts. I wonder when only it will open a branch in Penang and spread the donut craze. RM9.50 for half a dozen, it is surprisingly cheaper than Dunkin Donuts.

big apple donuts

The donuts’ making process is publicly shown through the open glass.. which I think is pretty cool. At least there’s something for you to look at while waiting in the ever long queue. But, you will be probably too busy making up your mind choosing from the many flavors Big Apple has to offer.

big apple donuts

What I like most among the ones we took is the Alien vs Predator donut (lower left). Why the name? Because they made it specially for the movie. It tastes awesome with lots of chocolate cream topped with even more chocolate strips. Maybe I am biased because I love chocolate lol. To me, it is the most worthy donut to pick for the generous amount of ingredients used.

2nd favorite would be the white chocolate donut filled with peanut butter (lower right) Chocolate + peanut butter.. what’s not to like! The Oreo donut doesn’t really taste like Oreo though.. hmm.

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