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Big Bowl Curry Mee @ Coca Seafood Restaurant, Selayang

Selayang Big Bowl Curry Mee Coca
Selayang Big Bowl Curry Mee Coca

Selayang Big Bowl Curry Mee Coca Seafood Restaurant

This obscene looking curry mee brimming with toppings needs no further introduction. It went viral online a few months ago and it’s probably the most sought after curry mee in town currently.
Thanks to the viral effect that’s still going strong, the curry mee is sold out even before the stall is ready for business. So I am going to cut to the chase and tell you the things that you need to know before making your way to Selayang.

Big Bowl Curry Mee Queuing to write number

1. The coffee shop opens around 6.15 am so no point reaching here any time earlier. We reached there at 5.40 am and there were already people waiting outside. I thought I was crazy but apparently not the craziest.
2. The curry mee operators reach around 6.30 am and they will leave a booklet on the table for the customers to fill their orders. Time to get kiasu because even if you reach earlier, chances are people will cut your queue.
3. You only need to write down your orders (in Chinese) if you are having the curry mee. You will have a number after that.
4. If the number reaches 30+, you will be told that the curry mee is sold out because of multiple bowls and packets for takeaway in each order. Takeaway is usually not allowed in weekends.

Coca Curry Mee Peel Cockles Wrap Wantan

Freshly Peeled Cockles

Coca Seafood Curry Mee Stall

5. Between 6.30am and 7am: they start to prep the ingredients such as chopping up the roast pork, peeling the cockles and wrapping the wantans. The boss, Jason arrives around this time too.

Coca Selayang Wantan Mee

6. Jason begins to fry the wantans, he will only start serving his famous curry mee when the wantans are fully fried. You may order wantan mee now and there’s no waiting for it.
7. 7.30 am: he starts preparing the curry mee according to the orders filled earlier. Numbers are called out and you need to flag them to let them know where you’re seated.
8. 7.45 am: first bowl of curry mee is served.

Selayang Curry Mee Boss

Jason’s a young chap who, despite his flourishing business, is still humble and friendly to his customers. The same goes for his parents and staff who are helping out at the stall.

Chicken Curry Pot

Curry Mee Curry Broth Pot

They only cook a pot of curry broth which explains the limited servings of their curry mee. Besides, curry mee is only one of their offerings. Other noodles they have include wantan mee and clear soup noodles.

Normal Curry Mee

Selayang Coca Curry Mee Big Bowl

A normal serving without the additional toppings cost RM6, while the super big bowl version is RM9.

Curry Mee Roast Pork

The toppings include: lard, char siew, roast pork, meat balls, fish balls, fried wantan, fresh (raw) cockles, chicken curry, long beans and fried bean curd sheets.
Personally, I feel RM9 for this huge bowl of noodles is worth the price, but it’s kind of ‘jelak’ after a few mouthfuls, and the feeling gets even worse after a while till the point it’s almost nauseating.

Curry Mee Raw Cockles Lard Chicken Curry

But as far as the ingredients are concerned, they are fresh and taste good on their own. The curry however, is a letdown for me because it’s not aromatic enough and laden with MSG. I think their wantan mee tastes much better and deserves the recommendation more.

Coca Seafood Restaurant Selayang

Although I wasn’t impressed with the curry mee, at least my curiosity was fulfilled so I had no regrets for waiting more than 2 hours for it.

Big Bowl Curry Mee 巨无霸咖喱面

Coca Seafood Restaurant 新可口茶室
29 Jalan Bidara 1, Taman Bidara
68100 Selangor
Business hours: 6.30am onwards, till finish (Closed on Wednesday & Thursday of the 1st week of the month)

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  1. Vkeong, guess you did not gain extra pounds after this ridiculous meal? (The WAIT!!) Don’t believe in this kinda waiting, no matter how good it tastes! NO fxxxxxing WAY! I’m sure there are plenty of better ones all over Klang Valley! Thx for sharing though and being such a patience man!


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