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Black Canyon Coffee @ AEON Seberang Perai City


I just returned from attending my sister’s wedding held in Penang two days ago. Just before I boarded my train back to KL Sentral, I treated my family a dinner at Black Canyon Coffee, AEON Seberang Perai City.
The reason we chose Black Canyon Coffee is because we thought it was the nicest looking restaurant with western and fusion food among all. Plus, I have always wanted to try their coffee. Enough yabbing, lets move on to the food.


Due to the promotion of the day, all steak orders will have a free mushroom soup. It did have the thick consistency and huge button mushroom pieces, but lacks in flavor. I didn’t finish it.


I had the Honey Banana Coffee (front) @ RM8.95 while mom had Black Hazelnut Shake @ RM8.95. The Honey Banana Coffee was bitterly good, but needed a lot more banana flavor to make it great.


Siang Leng had the Black Crunch Coffee @ RM8.95. Besides sounding good, the black cookie was one of the things that managed to attract her. I liked this drink the most among all we ordered because it was sweet enough. Not that the others are not good, just that I prefer my drinks a lil sweeter, lol.


Arabica Viengping (Hot Espresso Coffee with Honey) @ RM8.95. I was quite surprised my brother would order this because he usually sleeps early. And we all know Espresso wouldn’t be any help in that, lol.
Anyway, since Espresso is strongly bitter in taste so a small cup of honey is provided to adjust the bitterness/sweetness to your liking. And this is the first time I see honey is used as a substitute to sugar. I have to say it’s actually pretty good!
As an avid coffee enthusiast, I should really try this myself one day. Jasmine tea is also provided, which was meant to cleanse the pallet after having such a strong tasting coffee. You wouldn’t want all your food to taste like Espresso too later, lol.


First dish to arrive was mine, Pad – Thai (Thai style stir-fried rice noodles with prawn) @ RM10.90. Peanuts, sugar and chili flakes were put at the side of the dish as optional garnishing. It was also served with a piece of lime, which its juice can be added as a condiment. This is actually the first time I had Pad Thai and I absolutely loved it.


The fresh. succulent prawns added sweetness and injected even more flavor into the dish.


Black Canyon Special Beef Steak cooked well done @ RM25.90, this was father’s order. You can choose from mushroom or black pepper sauce. When asked for recommendation, we were told to go for black pepper if we preferred spicy.
Both of us agreed that the beef steak is cooked nicely and a good cut was given because of its tenderness. Even at well done, the steak still managed to maintain much of its beef flavor.


Black Canyon Salmon Steak @ RM28.00, which is even more expensive than the beef steak! But, it’s value for money as you can see the huge cut which was served. Oh, if you noticed all steak orders come with salad, fries and pieces of bread with butter too.


Mom’s order was Teriyaki Chicken Steak @ RM15.90. Two pieces of boneless chicken thighs are prepared to maximum tenderness and juiciness with teriyaki sauce. And if the teriyaki flavor is not strong enough for you, a small serving of thick teriyaki sauce is served with the dish.


Lastly, Stir-Fried Fusilli with Spicy Dried Tuna Tom Yum @ RM8.90 ordered by SL. Phew, that dish has a long name alright. After some research, I now know that Fusilli is a small thick, corkscrew shaped pasta which means “little spindles” in Italian. The dish tastes great for the first few mouthful but it packed so much Tom Yum flavor it felt too sourish later. I would only recommend this to those who are really into food cooked tom yum-style, they would appreciate this dish.

The bill came to a total of RM138.40 including 10% service charge and 5% government tax. If you have a Jusco card there will be a 10% discount on the ala carte items. Since there was a free mushroom soup promotion going on for the steaks, the discount was only applicable to the noodles dish and the coffee we had. So, bring along a Jusco card if you plan to dine at Black Canyon Coffee.

I think that Black Canyon Coffee should be on the top of the to-be-visited restaurants in AEON Seberang Perai for the good food, excellent service and cozy dining environment.
GPS Coordinates: N5 22.219 E100 26.393

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