Bloggers Cafe Fusion Food @ Maju Utama Business Centre, Bukit Mertajam


Usually when a new cafe opens I am quite hesitant to blog about it, fearing that it would close down not long after. Can’t blame me for having that feeling, as many cafes do come and go in a short period.
My skepticism was even stronger because the cafe has a rather corny name – Bloggers Cafe. It makes you wonder if only bloggers are allowed to eat inside, lol. Then there’s their menu, which seem to offer nothing special from its competition like Old Town and Station 1. It’s the same ol’ nasi lemak, chicken chop, instant noodles with ham and egg, toasts and ice blended drinks. Pretty standard cafe food.


But sometimes being normal and not doing anything fancy is actually good enough, as long as the food is not awful coupled with a competitive pricing. Then throw in a clean, comfy environment, courteous staff, free WIFI along with live singing and you have a busy cafe with happy returning customers. In fact, my house is very near to Bloggers Cafe and I hang out here quite often.


Butter and Homemade Kaya Toast @ RM2.50. I had their peanut butter and kaya toast before and they weren’t stingy with the spread at all, each bite was overflowing with fillings. So I was a bit baffled why the same did not apply for the butter and kaya toast lol. It was nice but I still prefer Old Town’s for the crispness.


A Western Set here costs RM12.90, which includes a soup, main course, drink and a dessert. The main course by default is normal chicken chop with tomato sauce with iced lemon tea. But for RM1 extra you can opt to “upgrade” your main course to black pepper or mushroom chicken chop, or have honey lemon instead.

The chicken chop tasted as good as it look. And I was glad it was prepared the traditional way – deep fried instead of pan fried. If they could improve on the salad and fries then it would be great.


Mushroom soup.


I didn’t expect too much from the dessert, as I was anticipating a scoop of plain ice cream at most. But it turned out to be a nice little surprise because it had lots of toppings especially almonds.


Tomato Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti @ RM11.90. Given its rather small portion I would say the price was a bit expensive. Luckily it managed to taste well so we had no other complaints.


There is also a Noodle Set @ RM8.90 that has everything the Western Set has (fried noodle substituted for chicken chop) but the soup. Based on my good experience with the food so far, I think the noodle set should be worth a shot and I will definitely try it soon. Maybe right after posting this, lol.
For your information there is also another branch of Bloggers Cafe at Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth. The ambiance there is much nicer from what I observed.

Bloggers Cafe (Pork Free)
No.11, Lorong Maju Utama 1,
Pusat Perniagaan Maju Utama,
14000 Bukit Mertajam
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.105 E100 28.348
Tel: 04-5382525

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  1. haha.. the name of the cafe is so unique… bloggers cafe.. i see their food is the same like any other kopitiam offer.. personally like the environment as its clean and simple :D

  2. BM is becoming all trendy! remembered i used to sit beside the road side ( jln aston, jln stesen, jln ooi chooi chong, jln kulim, sentosa and etc) to have these comfort food ages ago! great to see BM has progressed so far.

    Love the look of the chicken chop and whilst I agree that the chicken chop dish is a bit “busy”, salads are a great accompaniment to chicken chop imho.



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