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Bloggers Meet Up Session @ Madam Kwan’s, Mid Valley


Yesterday night (just 6 hours before I am posting this) I had a meet up with some prominent bloggers at Mid Valley’s Madam Kwan’s. It was organized by a PR agency – Fleishman-Hillard. I am not going talk about the purpose of the meet up but I am glad I was invited to have the opportunity to meet KY, Suanie, Wingz, Thomas and Kid Chan! I have read some of their blogs but it this is actually the first time I see them in real life. So, it was quite an experience.


My choice of order for the dinner, Madam Kwan’s N.Z. Grilled Lamb Chop.


It does look amazingly delicious alright, with 5 medium sized lamb cutlets thrown in along with plenty of vegetables and fries. You can say the portion is well worth the price tag of twenty two bucks. Taste wise however, it was so so only because the sauce tasted like Pai Kuat Wong‘s. So, imagine eating Pai Kuat Wong but substitute the pork with lamb, and you get the idea.


SL tagged along for the meet up and she had the Chicken Chop @ RM20+. The portion is humongous and it had the same sides as the lamb chop.


She opted for mushroom sauce, which I think was the natural choice for any chicken chops. It was one of the nicest chicken chops but I must warn that you may loath it afterwards due to the huge serving, lol.


Then came the dessert, Madam Kwan’s cendol @ RM6+. This is something I’d never recommend to anyone because it just plain sucked. I only managed three spoonfuls and that’s all I could take.. Anyway, thanks to the bunch of energetic and friendly people from Fleishman for this bloggers’ meet up session. Although I barely spoke to the other bloggers, it was a pleasure meeting them nonetheless.

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