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Blue Inn Seafood 海洋客栈 (手抓海鲜) @ Taman Usahawan Kepong


**This restaurant has closed down**

Looks like seafood boil is more than a fad, it’s here to stay. And now the fever has reached Kepong in the name of Blue Inn Seafood, where you can relish the same “seafood on table”, but prepared in Chinese style.

4 in 1 Seafood Blue Inn Kepong

Affordability has to be the biggest pull factor of Blue Inn. For RM68, their 4 in 1 seafood combo (2-3 pax, shown above) comes with sweet and sour crab, squid curry, buttermilk prawn, kam heong clams and a serving of white rice.
It is not exactly hawker food cheap, but certainly reasonably priced looking at the decent portion size you get. If you have a larger party, then you may opt for the 7 in 1 @ RM118 which has extra sweet chilli shell, cili padi mussels and Malaccan style spicy asam stingray.

Blue Inn Serving Seafood

The seafood dishes are cooked separately, then arranged in a line on the table. Same goes for the broccoli and corn, so they don’t get overcooked and retain a desirable texture. This way, the presentation looks better and more appetizing too.

Blue Inn Sweet and Sour Crab

Sweet and sour crab – not really sweet but it’s quite spicy instead. Delicious nonetheless.

Blue Inn Curry Squid Kepong

Squid curry – the curry flavor is so light you can barely taste it. However, it was alright as long as we didn’t think of ourselves as having curry.

Blue Inn Butter Milk Prawns

Buttermilk prawn – tastiest of the bunch, the sauce was creamy and savory. The prawns were in decent size and very fresh as well.

Blue Inn Kam Heong Clams Kepong

Kam Heong clams – doesn’t taste like the usual kam heong as it’s missing dried shrimp and cili padi. A tad sweet too. Like the squid curry, as long as you don’t see this as kam heong, it’s actually quite good.

Blue Inn Milk Tea

If you ask me, you can forget about the Blue Inn Milk Tea @ RM5.50. It tasted nothing like what we expected and the flavor is too diluted.

Blue Inn 4 in 1 Seafood Kepong

Blue Inn Seafood Prawn Squid

Despite what I said earlier about some of the dishes being unorthodox tasting, they were still highly enjoyable and more importantly, the seafood was fresh. Overall, it was a satisfying meal except for the disappointing milk tea. Recommended if you fancy trying something new in Kepong.

Blue Inn Seafood Restaurant Kepong Taman Usahawan

Blue Inn Seafood Restaurant Kepong

Blue Inn Seafood Kepong Happy Customers

Blue Inn Seafood Kepong

Blue Inn Seafood 海洋客栈

No 85 (Ground Floor), Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2
Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100 KL
Tel: 03-6243 0272
Business hours: 5pm – 1am

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