Bonta Bonta Unadon (Unagi Donburi) @ J’s Gate Dining, Lot 10

Bonta Bonta Unagi Don J's Gate Dining Lot 10 Bukit Bintang
Bonta Bonta Unagi Don J's Gate Dining Lot 10 Bukit Bintang

Unagi is a common dish available in almost every Japanese restaurant. That said, not many of them actually specialize in this ingredient. Enter Bonta Bonta, an Unadon (short for unagi and donbori) specialty shop at J’s Gate Dining in Lot 10 Shopping Centre.
After attending J’s Gate Dining’s official launch, Bonta Bonta was on my list of to try. We returned here last weekend to check it out and this time, it’s not a complimentary meal.


As expected, most of the Japanese chefs are no longer to be seen and they have been replaced by local and foreign staff. There are also some changes to their menu which now appears slightly different compared to what we saw last month. Overall, it makes more sense now and reflects what the market can actually afford in this trying time.


For their Unagi Don, a basic serving comes with a slice of Unagi, rice and some seaweed. For a more satisfying meal, you can opt to upgrade the Unagi Don to have double or whole Unagi, or top up a Japanese omelette for a reasonable price of RM3.
Since we were sharing, we had the Double Unagi Omelette Bowl @ RM38.99 with additional fried chicken (2pcs @ RM4.99) and miso soup and green tea @ RM3.99.


The Unagi was undeniably delicious, it was firm and tender while the sauce did not taste too sweet. Every mouthful eaten together with the omelette and rice was truly enjoyable.
Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the fried chicken, as it was not crispy at all and the bottom was quite soggy and oily too.


We also wanted to try the Japanese hot pot next door but for some reason they changed their menu to serve mostly Udon. So, we changed our mind and went for Kaisen Don Kinme instead. I had the Toro Zuke Don @ RM60 which happens to be the priciest item on the menu. The slices of fatty tuna are melt-in-your-mouth with a rich, butter flavor. Awesome.


Bonta Bonta – Unagi Donburi shop.


Kaisen Don Kinme – Sashimi rice bowl.


P1, Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Center
Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL
Hours: 11am – 11pm
Tel: 03-2110 6850

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