Botak Jones Authentic American Food @ Tampines

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Botak Jones, a food joint that specializes in authentic American food as well as boldly claiming that they serve damn good food at a damn good price. A branch is located at where I used to stay in Tampines and sometimes we would head there for dinner when we feel like having a heavy, hearty meal of American food.
If you are wondering, Botak Jones is indeed run by a botak guy in Singapore and his sense of humor can be felt when you browse his website or when you read the menu. Botak Jones’ menu is 18 pages long and packed with description of each item – a good read to know what to expect and also to expand your knowledge in American food especially steaks.


THE MASSIVE is a 5 inches hamburger with a 220 gram of pure beef patty done medium well, in which the patty is as big as the bun. At $9.80 for a set it comes with two sides. The price is already worth it for the portion alone, enough to feed a really hungry big eater. As for the taste I felt it was not that damn good, but still enjoyable.


Cajun Chicken @ $8 (regular) is Botak Jones’ best seller. It consists of a whole chicken breast flavored with natural ingredients and cajun sauce, char-grilled then topped with mozzarella cheese that melts to give a nice coating. Although chicken breast was used, it still came out tender and moist.. very nice.


Cajun Chicken Hot Dog @ $7.50 (set) It is a long hot dog, really long. You can see its length even surpassed the diameter of the plate lol. It is flavored with cajun spice, has a good biting texture and served on a hot dog bun sandwiched with loads of sweet onion. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
The items shown are only a tiny bit of what Botak Jones has to offer, there are still sandwiches, steaks, fish, lamb, desserts, soup and starters that will take many more visits to finish trying. And can you believe that Tampines’ branch is actually located in a coffee shop at the ground floor of a HBD block?

Botak Jones
201C Tampines St 21

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